Thursday, 29 August 2013

Day 236 - Matching

27th August 2013

I had a whole load of things to do in town today, so rather than stay in my slippers I actually had to out socks on. Cuh. I'm not a matching socks person, not out of choice, I don't go out of my way to wear odd socks, I just put my socks in pairs of the same style and wear whatever happens. Sometimes. Sometimes the socks just go in the drawer and I hunt around for two that will work. I'm not as crazy as to go for one trainer sock and one ankle. That would take a full on mentalist.

Today was a rummage day. Lo and behold, I grab two socks at random and they match. Sign of the apocalypse?

I continued with my organisation after returning from errands. In town I picked myself up a folder for all print outs, so job one when I got back home way to print out all my flight, hostel, coach, and train confirmations. I photocopied my passport, driving licence, and credit card twice, so I could have a copy and one could stay home. Will scan them into computer at some point too. Watch me go. 

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