Monday, 12 August 2013

Day 169 - Leftie life drawing

19th June 2013

Having already done a couple of life drawing sessions I was none too happy at the prospect of having to stop. Instead, I decided that I would go along and see what happened when I used my left hand. Turns out my left hand is surprisingly good.

This was my first drawing, our warm up. Clearly, it's not great. I had imagined that I would have to settle for doing weird wobbly outlines as opposed to the shading I usually do, and so started off that way. Having discovered I had better control of my left hand than I imagined, I moved onto using the same three colour technique I've used for so long.

I usually blend the colours a lot more, make it an entirely softer image. This time I just stuck with the marks made with each colour, without blending them together much if at all. I actually really enjoyed the look it gave the drawings and resolved to take what I'd learnt from this onwards.

Without wishing to sound boastful, I am incredibly proud of these drawings. I think some of them look a whole lot better than anything I do with my right hand. Maybe because I felt I had so little control I concentrated more? Who knows. Either way, I would definitely restrict myself to my left hand again, but feel that I would need to tie my right hand behind me so I didn't use it. I found on a few occasions I would try and use my right hand and remember I couldn't, so if the hand was free to move it would be a lot harder to resist the temptation.

Any of you out there who already do any life drawing I highly recommend giving your non dominant hand a go, rather illuminating. Any of you who don't go to life drawing you SO need to go. As I have demonstrated, it doesn't matter if you're any good, I went when in a cast and had the best time. It's a fun and relaxing way to spend the evening and well worth giving a go.


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