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Day 220 - Funfair


11th August 2013

First thing I woke up to was a text from Alison saying "WAKE UP! Time for breakfast!" We had arranged in the seconds as I got out of the car the night before to go for breakfast in the morning. Kirsty was unfortunately suffering a little too much for such things, but that's to be allowed if not expected. 

I got myself up and ready to go, picked up Alison, and we took ourselves down to Rochester. After a minute or two trying to kid ourselves we would go anywhere else, we started walking towards Tony Lorenzo's, a place I have mentioned on here before.  

I love going for a little walk around Rochester. There are some nice little shops to have a mooch in, and generally you can forget you're in Medway, because it's so different to everywhere else. We popped round to have a look at Charles Dickens' chalet, a staple of all primary school trips in the Medway area. I hadn't been to see it for a long time, it's good to be reminded that whilst Medway isn't all the great now there's a huge amount of history to be had there. 

I was fuming when I read this. Absolutely. Fuming.

Not long after I got back to the flat I got a message from Nich telling me to come with them to the funfair that had been set up on the common. I hauled my extremely achey body back out again, and I'm glad I did. 

First things first, Nich and I went on a ride called The Dominator. Ben and Chris got some rather interesting photos from that that you can see on Nich's blog, here

Soon afterwards we moved onto the Bumper Cars, which were hilarious but also mildly whiplash inducing, and then this little beauty, Froggit. It wasn't until about two thirds of the ride had passed that we realised why it was called Froggit - it did a weird bouncy motion. I enjoyed it, deposited clingy desperately to my shoes with my toes trying to keep them on, but I think Nich and Ben were less inclined. 

The sign was interesting. I want a clear definition of what a person of a soft nature is. Are we saying wimp? Are we saying someone who is, shall we say, a little more padded than others? If anything, those people fair better, the force of the ride has the person on the outside being crushed by the person on the inside (sorry Chris) and a little more padding would probably be better in the long run. 

A fun day was had. We retired to The Grange for a drink. This place has an excellent beer garden, as well as a fun reading room upstairs and an outdoor summer house for functions. Highly recommend it, particularly as Tom has just got himself a part time job there in the kitchen!

We moved on then to The Wheatsheaf, slightly controversial. This is the pub about 100m down the road from The Haven Arms, where we usually find ourselves. I prefer The Haven for food and atmosphere, but I must admit that The Wheatsheaf is a nicer pub to sit in, less....local. From there we talked ourselves into and ordered a Chinese, quickly repairing to Nich and Ben's to consume it. 

A busy day, but a day that can by no means be described as wasted. 





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