Sunday, 24 March 2013

Day 83 - Orange Juice

24th March 2013

This might amaze you, but I didn't feel absolutely tip top this morning. But I didn't feel like death, which is nice.

Above is my preferred cure. A cure that I finished before 11am. Ally was able to stay here until about 2, and we made the most of that time. By, ahem, having tea and toast. It's perfectly acceptable alright?! We're friends and hanging out with mugs of tea rather than wandering around a cold, wet and miserable London was infinitely preferable today. Hmph.

I returned from walking Ally to the tube to find a certain Miss Flood had crashed the joint. It's only been a couple of weeks, but I realised I had missed her a lot, so it was really rather nice for her to appear back, however briefly. She hung around long enough for us to make some jokes, and then had to make her way back to Reading. Booo. Luckily, she'll be around next week, and we may be travelling down to Kent together this week. YAY.

Now I am settled and watching The Muppets Movie. I love it, but Lynsey bought the copy from a closing down BlockBusters, and it has been skipping the whole way through. Highly distressing.

It is now time for me to try and be a little bit productive before bedtime.

Till tomorrow,



Day 82 - Noodlé

23rd March 2013

To stay in keeping with the general theme of any time spent together, Ally and I spent the day in, chatting, drinking tea and eating Supanoodles.

Mild Curry Supanoodles are our thing. Usually accompanied by J20, unfortunately we didn't have any this time. But we did have all the tea. I swear, about 10 cups yesterday, and that's a conservative estimate.

It was a highly enjoyable day, we watched a lot of HIMYM and sang along loudly to Moulin Rouge. We perused all sorts of things for Ally's wedding, there were lists made, things given ratings, pros and cons. What we really wanted was a yellow legal pad, but we just had to settle for know...pad. I also now have my bridesmaid dress here, which makes me very happy because I love it. I know I can't wear it, but I love it just being there to look at. This is one of a number of ways I conform to gender stereotypes. I can get very "ooooh, I'm gonna look so pretty!" about nice dresses.

Later in the evening we headed over to Nich and Ben's new pad for their housewarming. It was a very small and tame party (looking at you Nich) and an absolutely enjoyable evening for that. There was much fun and laughter had, some loud singing, some questionable yet delicious cocktails and the high point of any evening, a late night/early morning kebab.

Amazingly, when we got back to the flat we didn't crash out, but instead stayed up and watched yet more HIMYM and drank further tea.

It was the life. Happy sigh.



Day 81 - Note to self

22nd March 2013

After a long day at work I headed home to prepare for Ally's arrival. As she was going with her brother to one of these so called 'gigs' she wouldn't be in Ealing until after midnight.

I thought this was going to prove extremely difficult, I was shattered. In order to aid my alertness I decided to do something I never do because I am apparently quite an old lady. I got a coffee. Not to say I never get coffee ever, I love me some coffee. No, I mean I got caffeinated coffee in the afternoon. I know, right, slow down Steph you're speeding too fast. Sorry man, that's just not how I roll. 

After my caffeinated coffee and then further caffeinated teas I set to pootering around the house and waiting. 

As there was not much to do and I couldn't wait to take a photo of Ally as she wouldn't be in until technically the next day, I took a photo of my new notice board. I'n't'it pritty? I have my little sheet that you can see above it where I write a month's worth of social excitements and now I have the board for the pertinent things to remember for that particular week, as well as a countdown to Easter holidays. Three and a half days baby!! 

The time eventually passed and I set out to collect Ally. It being freezing cold and me being super comfy in my pyjamas made me extremely super lazy, and I drove. We arrived back at the flat and instead of just going to bed like normal people we sat up and chatted with tea (decaf, I'm not insane) for another hour or so before bed. 

Ready for a hectic day on Saturday. Ha.



Thursday, 21 March 2013

Day 80 - Guitar

21st March 2013

"Did you say keytar? Or did you just pronounce guitar like a hillbilly."

Couldn't not.

I have been really really wanting to play my saxophone of late, but since my immune system apparently is on strike I haven't felt like I have the energy, lung capacity-wise. Sigh.

So, today I got home and felt like having a play of something, and that something was going to be some guitar and ukulele.

I got my beautiful guitar for my 16th birthday, and I love it. I taught myself by finding songs that I wanted to know how to play and went from there, and that's pretty much how I continue now. Like singing, my guitar playing is pretty much just for me. I find songs I like and can play, and will play along with them and sing loudly in my room. Today's main feature was I Still Believe by Frank Turner. You may recognise it from the Opening Ceremony - that's where I heard and fell in love with it!

After realising my nails were too long to play properly (for all who have known me from childhood - I KNOW RIGHT?!) I had to have a quick clip, which was a little sad but the guitar is so much more worth it. Sigh.

I had a little go on my uke, another instrument I'm teaching myself by finding songs to play. I love Take Your Love With Me by Sophie Madeleine, as well as just her in general. She has provided most of my learning material since I properly picked up the uke, you should check her out. I'm a little bit in love with her, though there are songs I simply cannot listen to anymore which makes me quite quite sad.

I could go on more about the ukulele, but as the picture is of the guitar I shall save this for another day.

Goodnight lovelies,



Day 79 - Tea Stash

20th March 2013

Just as I was settling into my bed last night I felt an all too familiar feeling in my nose. Nosebleed. I leapt out of bed shielding my lovely duvet from my blood and into the bathroom to try and find tissue. Couldn't manage holding tissues to my face and washing hands so Lynsey came and helped me - the me who looked like I had perhaps been slashed, as the drops I hadn't caught were now running down my chest. Nice eh?

So this morning I get up and am very careful not to sniff or blow my nose right up until the last second when that goes out the window and I give it a good old honk. Exactly what I had been trying to avoid happened, nosebleed #2. I was too late to walk by the time I had sorted myself out, and had to drive. This is good, I can get in and home nice and easily, but it's a bit of a faff. Ah well.

Got into school and did my thing for awhile. About midway through the've guessed it, nosebleed #3. This was harder to control, it was the heaviest of the three, and I was momentarily by myself in the classroom with 15 children all telling me the video of 5 Little Ducks went swimming one day had finished and informing me in dulcet tones that they would rather enjoy watching it again if it wouldn't be too much bother. Ahem.

Later that afternoon, shock of shocking shocks, nosebleed #4. This was pretty short, but had me thinking that I should pick up a steak on the way home. Man, I'd love some steak. Alas.

I managed to get home and finish the day without any more vital fluids leaking from my face. Phew! Nich headed over to pick up some post, and said she was only going to be there for a minute or two, definitely no tea. A cup of tea and about an hour's chat later she finally left. She found the key, damn. JK. LOL. JK. ?

Once again, today I just wanted to go to bed. I nearly forgot about the photo, but remembered with just enough time. This is our Tea Stash. We have the odd one or two teabags here and there. Two kettles, but that's not a usual thing. Sometimes it's sorely needed, but alas, the other one will be put away soon.

So if you're ever in the neighbourhood and dying for a cuppa....sorry, couldn't spare a single one.



Day 78 - Washing

19th March 2013

Long day today. This sinusitis is still running rings around me, ruining all my good intentions. After lunch I was hit with a headache that would not let up, and as I had had so many painkillers in the previous week for my arm and head I really didn't want to take anymore - I was just drinking water wherever I could and hoping it would go away. It totes didn't.

I had to go into Asda after work to get food which was just too horrible. Not the Asda part, just that I couldn't come straight home and chill the hell out. Bluergh.

By the time I got home I had a weird sort energy. Like I wanted to get loads of stuff under my belt so I could go to sleep without too much to do the next night. So I unpacked and had dinner, cleared out my cupboard, had a MASSIVE bath and sorted out a load of washing and put some on before making lunch for the next day.

After this I had to use the ol' Express Wash and Dry. Which should be Express Wash and LIES.

When this cycle is finished, yes, your clothes are washed. But they are not dry. They are merely hot. I had tried to pre-empt this and put in about a three quarter load, imagining I had been filling it too much on previous occasions. To no avail. I still had to hang up all my stuff. Muttering and grumbling the whole time "Express yes but come on" "pfft...dry my arse..." "could get it drier with a sneeze" etc.

Grumble mutter.



Day 77 - Light fitting

18th March 2013

Monday. It's so close to the end of term, it's taunting me. After the weekend I was shattered and just want to sleep...alas. It was work for me, and I was highly uninspired when I got home. I forgot my umbrella and it was absolutely tipping it down, so I was nicely drenched. It was the kind of rain where you just have to accept that you're gonna get wet and concentrate on not falling over. I found the most appropriate rainy day songs on my iPod and set off for a wander home.

Once I arrived it was a wash and into pyjamas...I'd had all sorts of big plans to be all organised but they went out the window as soon as I realised I'd be precipitated upon during my journey homeward.

I was all but ready to get into bed when I remembered I needed to take a photo. This is my light fitting in my room. I like it. I'm not sure which housemate added the stars, but it's nice. I am enjoying that I can wildly take a jumper off in my room without the lampshade flying into a fit, which was an issue in the baby room. It didn't have to be that wild really, even a spirited "yay the day has ended" removal or a "Oh crap I'm going to be late" fling on of a coat.

Now I can get back to my true self, being enthusiastic about putting on knitwear.



Sunday, 17 March 2013

Day 76 - St. Paddy's

17th March 2013

So...I had a little bit of cider yesterday and I may or may not have felt a little less than uber today. Naturally, I needed a bit longer to sleep, and naturally I woke up at 5am and that was that. I aimed for sleep for a little bit, gave up and went and got my orange juice and tea.

We had entertained the thought of maybe going out for a roast somewhere or something. That didn't really happen so much.

The closest the flat came today to celebrating our irishness is the ever present sticker on our window. It's been there at least as long as I have. It's not green anymore but it gets the message across.

Today was a long day of sitting and not moving a lot because that was kind dangerous territory. I finally found the energy to post all the photos I hadn't managed to over the week. I'd take the picture, but then writing was too much brain energy. You may have noticed that the posts are a bit shorter than usual still. I'm still not all the way there. I will be! Probably! I guess. I'd quite like some pats. Or a cat. Man alive do I need a cat in my life.


I'm tired.


Day 75 - Rugger

16th March 2013

Yesterday a wonderful big group of us went to the pub to watch all the rugby. This time tables were reserved for us, so we wouldn't have any problems finding seats which has been an issue on many an occasion. These were booked from 1pm. Tom and I arrived at 1, joined shortly afterwards by Chris.

After awhile everyone else started to trickle in, and soon there were friends from all over the place there and I had such a genuinely great time. My face was back to hurting again, but had my Olbas on hand like a little health pack.

A long day was had. The last of us left when the bar closed, meaning that us three founding members of the day were there for about 11 hours. Kudos? Kudos. Thanks.

Yeah, we didn't win the rugby. But, it was fun. I think maybe I should shout at the screen a bit louder next time, they only seemed to hear me once.



Day 74 - Comic Relief

15th March 2013

I slept! Yay and phew and great. I went into school armed with my little pharmacy, preparing for war. I was without the sling and just with the wrist support and ready to power through the day.

As it turned out, I didn't need to do much powering. Whilst I didn't feel as great as I could have, I didn't feel as though I'd been hit in the face with an iron, which I generally find to be a plus.

Getting home at the end of the day felt like quite the victory. I felt ok, I felt like watching something funny and with some beer. Luckily for me, it was Red Nose Day, so Tom and I got some beers and settled ourselves down for the evening. As ever, there are good parts to Comic Relief, and parts that are just unfunny and awkward, and a whole lot of "man, I've donated but I feel like I should again...?"

I settled myself on donating £5 per nibling, per lovely little child I can't imagine life without and would never let anything happen to if I could possibly help it. I hope you donated.

Lynsey provided red noses. First photo of this housemate configuration! Wahey!

Thoroughly enjoyable evening.



Day 73 - Sudofed etc.

March 14th 2013

I stayed at home today. I really really hated doing it, I hate not being in school because I love my job, and I hate leaving the others to sort out someone to come in instead and whatnot. But there really was no way I could go in. I got an hour's sleep the previous night, and at the worst end of the night. I took ages to get to sleep, then woke up at 12:30 and lay there for the rest of the night and morning. I tried getting horlicks and propping up all my pillows and everything. I can't go to sleep now without having something on the tv... I'm not exactly watching, just pretending that I'm being read a story. It's not my dad and Neverending Story, but it'll do. But tonight, I watched everything.

I watched Dave till Dave wasn't on anymore. This meant I watched something about extreme kayaking over a weir in Putney. I think. I also watched something called Ben and Kate, and Being Erica and Happy Endings and even Jeremy Kyle. I was going absolutely mental by morning. I got a little sleep after confirming I wouldn't be in that day. Thankfully.

Yucky yucky day. I did the steaming my face thing, I had a long bath and some chicken noodle soup. My whole day consisted of Sudafed and temperature and Olbas and ergh.

Unpleasant day, I had decided I would go back into work on Friday but was worrying that I would have another sleepless night and a useless day at work. Being ill is just...the worst. And you - you right now - appreciate not being ill. Appreciate that your nose isn't blocked and your head and face doesn't hurt and your head doesn't hurt and that your throat doesn't hurt. Cause we just don't appreciate that until we are ill and we can't appreciate it. Ack.



Day 72 - Sinusitis

13th March 2013

So I got into school feeling absolutely terrible, in a lot of pain and completely drained. Arm was still enslingulated and achey...there was no energy to be had. At lunch I came home, trying to get an appointment with the doctor or something. I'd had enough of being ill and it was time.

I managed to get a phone appointment with a doctor...who said it seemed like I had sinusitis. She said if I still had a temperature on Friday to get an appointment, but until then get some stuff over the counter. So I did. I got some bits and came home and promptly fell asleep after sitting down for about 3 seconds. Most of the rest of the afternoon was spent snuffling and blowing my nose and trying to steam my face off. Not a nice day. Bleurgh.



Day 71 - Bebe

March 12th 2013

Zuzi will love the hell out of me for this. In my defence, I take my camera for my picture that day and then they complain about me taking pictures so I am forced to take what I can get. Let this be a lesson to you.

So Tuesday rolled around and it was Bex's turn to cook for us. What was extra brilliant was the presence of Kyle. Kyle has moved to London, yay! Now we can see him aaaalllllllll the time, as opposed to when he appears from Coventry. Which was, admittedly, pleasingly often. But now it's more. Woop.

I made it over to Leytonstone, just about avoiding calling out to a stranger I thought was Kyle. The problem was I had been pondering along my walk whether I would recognise my friends by their walk. Then a bit later there was someone in Kyle's coat and a bobble hat that could have been him and it might have been his walk - mere seconds from Bex's house. I was this close to shouting his name with Glee, but then he crossed the road millimetres from the right door and I was so glad I pondered the bobble hat a little longer.

Dignity intact, I made it to Bex's. She made us deliciously delicious stuffed butternut squash. We played with a calculator. I love my friends.

About half way through the evening the cold I've had for the last month or so (seriously, it's not been my week for health) started to really make itself known. My face hurt so much it was difficult to focus on the hilarity ensuing.

We headed home and I got on my long old tube home. I got a good napping spot, but failed to sleep due to the big headache happening at me. Bleurgh.



Monday, 11 March 2013

Day 70 - Slung

11th March 2013

So not quite what I expected from today. I am currently enslingulated. What's happened? How did it happen? You tell me.

During the afternoon I was sat with some children...not doing anything, not holding anything, one of the rare times I was sat still. Suddenly my arm started aching more and more, right in the middle on the side, so badly I thought I thought I might be sick. I waited it out for a little bit, in case it was just one of those twinges, but soon realised that I couldn't do anything any of the kids asked of me, it hurt too much. Eventually I called NHS direct and they asked if I had done anything to any part of my arm. I had whacked the back of my hand on the side of had hurt but nothing else. This was about 45 minutes before my arm started hurting. They thought it could be something to do with this, soft tissue damage or something. To be on the safe side she advised I go to the hospital for an X ray.

Luckily for me, Tom lives with us now, is a driver and had a day off. He was a GEM and picked me up and took me to Hammersmith where I sat next to a man hacking and hocking a lung out. It was revolting. He said he was "choking slightly". I had a problem with this, I don't think you can choke slightly, you're choking or not and if you are, you can't say "excuse me, but I think I'm choking slightly". I was seen pretty quickly, and sent for an X Ray. By this point painkillers had kicked in and the pain wasn't so extreme, just an odd twinge. I haven't had an X Ray for a long time, but I remembered in full detail that they always want a horrible angle when my arm was, kindly, maneuvered into a position that brought that aches back well and truly.

Upon looking at my X Rays it was determined I hadn't managed to fracture my arm whilst sitting still, phew. I did however have some swelling on the bone at my elbow. Just another location to throw into the mix. Elbow doesn't hurt at all, so not sure what's going on here.

They didn't exactly clarify what they thought had happened after this...just gave me a wrist support, put me in a sling and said I should keep it in that and take it easy for a few days. They were perfectly lovely people at every step, but I do wish I knew what had happened. Maybe they don't know exactly what it was. Mystery.

Tom was an angel again and came to collect me. I got home and had a lot of tea. I'd been craving it all afternoon.

I knew that the only photo that would suffice for today would be of the sling. It was pretty difficult. I considered a timer, but thought that the ridiculousness of the photo merely emphasised my one handed state at the moment.

Here is a photo to better illustrate the whole scene.




Sunday, 10 March 2013

Day 69 - Such a Sunday

March 10th 2013

First things first, Happy Mothers' Day to my wonderful Mama! I know everyone says their mums are the loveliest, most wonderful, caring, beautiful mums, but what makes me stand out is that I'm the only one that's right.

I love my Mama more than words can say, and miss her immensely every day. All too often I find myself thinking "I just want my mum...". Sometimes a hug from your mummy is the only thing that will do. A meal made by her is next on the list. Nothing is as delicious as when your mum makes it. Or mine.

Can't wait to see you again Mama, love you most!

See, I do wear pink on occasion.

So today has been quite a Sunday-ey kind of day. I woke up earlier than I would have liked, but relaxed in my new big bed and watched some telly. After a little while I got myself up and had a shower and a perfect breakfast of orange juice and crumpets. Mmm. Whilst eating, we indulged in a little Community. Get used to this people.

Self sorted and looking presentable I headed out to Victoria to meet Danielle and Paul. Danielle was among the girls I lived with right the way through uni, right from our little Flat E-7 in Langstone Halls in Portsmouth, through to the Herb Mansion. It was because of Danielle that I will find myself saying I am going into 'toyn' or that I'm going for a 'shar' or perplex people by saying 'Snow Patrol are from my toyn!'. In case you haven't picked up on it, Danielle is Northern Irish, the first of my two flatmates from Norn Iron. I hadn't seen her in far too long, so when she said she was going to be in London with Paul, her fiancé (though we'll just say boyfriend eh Danielle?) I jumped at the chance to grab a drink or some food with her.

Though, thanks to the move, grabbing a drink is all I had time for. The tube took an hour as opposed to the half hour it should, and they had to be off to Madame Tussaud's before it closed. I had a very nice, but far too short, time chatting with them about all things Pompey before heading back to the flat.

This is going to be among the best things about Tom living with us. Chef Tom is, in actual fact, a chef. I have had the great pleasure of partaking of meals cooked by Tom before, and when he said a roast was going to happen I was quite excited. As I arrived home this was being finished up and I was able to settle down with a big plate of happiness. It was all so delicious that I am fighting sleep. 

The Tardis is one of Tom's additions to the flat, I wonder if you've noticed a theme? This is now a main feature in my eyeline from my spot and it pleases me. Apparently it's Yahtzee. The dice have aliens on them? Or something? It has been explained to me, but I'm still not 100% what makes this Doctor Who Yahtzee as opposed to Yahtzee with a Tardis. 

I'm now off to finish watching some rugby and sort some more of my life out. I am still managing to fight this cold and all I really want to do is get into my pyjamas and go to bed, but it's still a little early. Sigh.



Day 68 - Room move pt. 2

9th March 2013

Today was the big move. I heard Samantha get up and leave for her first run and snoozed a little bit before getting up myself and making a rare breakfast. I'm not really into breakfast. I have a brioche and some orange juice when I get to work during the week, but will only really have breakfast at the weekends if I have something I have to get up for but that takes place in the house, or I accidentally get up early. Because that is always an accident.

So I watched some Community (new addiction) over some tea and porridge, and waited for the Flood to return so I could get on with my move.

As she returned and emptied her room of the last few things Tom arrived, so there were a lovely few minutes of moving people in and out simultaneously. We had a genuinely heart wrenching goodbye.

Samantha has only lived with us since about July, and I absolutely adore her. We've had so much fun and done so many exciting things together, it feels like we've known each other a lot longer. I have no doubt that we will see each other a lot and I don't have to worry about missing her, but I really really will. We are such children in our sense of humour and our taste in hot chocolate. Dunno about you, Severe Precipitation, but I am sure I have another new friend for life. Don't stay away too long, I have too many immature left jokes to make.

This obviously leaves a gap in the house, one Tom is filling. We live with a boy. I've shared houses with boys before, but not this flat. This flat has been a girls flat for a long time. It didn't take long to make the change. Neither Lynsey nor I are particularly girly, nor do we shun such activities at all, but within about 5 hours of arriving, we had had two games of rugby on, had gone for a beer run and Mortal Kombat was being played in the front room. I love rugby and beer and video games are brilliant, but it is always a lot of fun when stereotypes are fulfilled.

I've known Tom for about two years, he's a friend of Nichola. What is awesome is that he is also a Medwayite, like Samantha. What is boggling is that we have discovered links between our families. When we first met we discovered I knew his sister when we were younger. His dad was in the same class at primary school as my aunt, the same school where my grandma was Head and his was a Dinnerlady. After that my Grandad would drop his aunt off at secondary school with mine. What?! That's insane. Just some other random I met from Medway. We were chatting today and discovered it is not impossible that our great grandparents may have crossed paths. At first he said this and I told him that was where we'd end our links, as my Grandparents moved down from Glasgow with my mum and her siblings when she was 5. That's when he brings out that his great grandparents were Glaswegians. Man alive.

After our little genealogy chat, I was able to start hauling all my stuff into my new room. It took awhile. When it all first came in I could not believe how I had managed to fit quite so much junk into my tiny room. I know most of you can believe this of me, but even this would amaze you, I'm sure.

I have managed to unpack and sort about 70% I reckon. It is mostly done, but there are still bits here and there to do, and still some washing to sort. Hopefully I'll be done soon and can settle down in comfort.

It is very very strange to be in here. I've known three other girls to live in here, how is this now my room?! How do I now have so much room in my bed?! It's now so cold! My room was like a sauna, the heating could be on for ten minutes and I'd be sweltering, now I'm considering an extra blanket. There's a little electric heater, but it sounds like a cat dying a highly unpleasant death, so I don't think I'll have that on tonight. Maybe I'll get a routine sorted for it.

Fingers crossed.



Saturday, 9 March 2013

Day 67 - World Book Day

8th March 2013

Now I know that everyone else did World Book Day yesterday, but my school likes to do it at the end of the week. We had a whole week of book and education based things, so our children could go in dressed either as book characters or scientists or inventions or all sorts. There were some brilliant costumes, and as I work with the babies some exceedingly cute ones.

I myself headed in as the Mad Hatter. I was one of three, but we were all very different, and I never really see anyone above Reception anyway. Above is my teapot, which I love. I decided to keep in all the chaos of the flat at the moment so that you'll feel my pain. Below is me!

I was boiling all day. But it was worth it. The kids laughed at my hat and a few could not tear themselves away from my nails. Worst part of the day was when in the assembly all the adults had to get up on the stage, by themselves, and have the kids guess who they were. 500 children judging your ability to cobble together a costume is intimidating man. They all guessed, but they had just had another Mad Hatter to guess so not so difficult.

When I headed home for the day I was completely ready to be there. Unfortunately for me, I took my camera in yesterday to get some photos of the kids, and left it there. ARGH. I feel a little bit like I'm missing a limb, shows how much doing this photo challenge has changed how I see my own relationship with photography. I loved it before, but I actually feel like I can call it my hobby now. I realised too late to get back into school to pick it up. So now you will be treated to a weekend of iPhoneography. I know there are some people that can really rock the iPhone camera, but I'm not one of them. It can't handle low light at all and that annoys me immensely.

Sigh. Only a night left in the baby room. Tomorrow I shall be all moved in, Samantha will be gone, sob, and Tom will be here, hooray!



Thursday, 7 March 2013

Day 66 - Nails

7th March 2013

So tomorrow I am going into work dressed up for World Book Day. There is some prep taking place today, for one I have big messy curly hair that I'm hoping will not deflate too much overnight. My nails are the other bit.

I was a terrible nail biter up until a couple of years ago or so. I never knew what it was like to actually have nails, and so didn't paint them that much. I thought I was really bad at doing it, but have discovered since having these talons that it's actually because they were more like stubs. I'm not saying I'm great now, but I smudge quite a bit less. 

For my role tomorrow, I decided to go for different nails. I didn't have enough colours to go different for each one, but that's good because there are a couple I enjoy more than the others. The purple on my thumb is my favourite at the moment, the black and gold glittery one is Lynsey's and I'm going to make a point of trying to find some more or that. The bobbly one is a cheap set I got from Primark out of curiosity a little while ago. I have it on the other hand too, it's actually a pearly colour, but I covered this one to mix it up a bit. The last two were scraping the barrel a bit. The blue is decidedly meh, and the yellow took about 5048 coats to get a solid colour. Never mind, it's nice and bright.

Bit sad I can't show you my other hand, but it's honestly not that exciting. Red thumb, green index finger and the white bobbles. Boom.

Time to go to sleep, tomorrow requires an early start. I am definitely driving in.



Day 65 - Pink Wafers

March 6th 2013

Picked up some biscuits on the way home to help me power through this apparently endless task of packing up all my rubbish. I decided I would allow myself them once I'd made satisfactory progress. This is difficult to quantify. I can't say "once I'm done" because I can't be done. My room kinda has to stay a mess till moving day in some sense, I haven't got the room to be that perfectly organised. So I just decided once I'd made some actual real motions towards tidying.

I moved a few bags through to the front room and organised a few more things to shred. There are a lot. Groo.

Eventually the decision was made for me, Tom came over with a few more things and so we had to have tea and tea without biscuits when there are biscuits in the house is an actual crime against real British law.

Now, don't get me wrong, pink wafers are not my go to tea biscuit. That would be foolish. It's controversial, I know, but Rich Teas just get me. I love a digestive or hobnob in tea, and drinking your tea through a Tunnock's Caramel Wafer is just beautiful. Rich Teas however just hit the exact spot. I quite like the rush between dunking and eating, and taking the miniscule amount of time between the two to observe the tea being soaked up. Mmmm.

But I do really quite enjoy the pink wafer really quite a lot. I think they are an oft-forgot biscuit and this should change.

Next time you want biscuits, get some Pink Wafers, and think of me.



Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Day 64 - Keep Calm.

5th March 2013

Today has been quite blah. I'm still coughing, I'm still snuffling, and I'm still surrounded by half organised stuff. It's been a long day and I'm scraping the barrels of my energy reserves.

Our framed artwork has changed now that Nich's stuff is gone, and Tom's has replaced it. This is in our hall.

Doctor, if you're out there and checking out blogspot, can I chuck some stuff in the Tardis? Just for a little bit. I'm going mad.

Until tomorrow....



Day 63 - Locked out

March 4th 2013

Idiot Stephanie.

I got into work this morning and realised I had left my keys on the kitchen table. Agh. Samantha and Lynsey don't get in generally till about 6/6:30ish at the best of times, and I get back at about ten past four. Double Agh. I was supposed to be helping Ben move Nich's stuff out and into their new pad. Triple Agh. I meant to get a load of sorting done first. Quadruple Agh. I didn't even have my Oyster card to go and get keys from someone. Quintuple Agh.

Agh. Agh. Agh. Agh. Agh.

I had decided I would go into Ealing, get a few bits I didn't desperately need but might as well get, and then wait it out in Caffe Nero. Luckily for me I managed to get a lift from a colleague into Ealing so that I didn't have to walk past the house which would have hurt my heart deeply.

I realised while I was out that I needed to get myself the makings of a costume for school for World Book Day. I wandered around Primark, looking for something to leap out at me as the beginnings of a costume. I didn't have any luck. I was resigned to finding myself stripy leggings and being the Wicked Witch, and so went into Claire's Accessories. Whilst there I spotted this lovely watch. Now that was an idea.

So now, I'm going as the Mad Hatter. Or more truthfully, 'A' Mad Hatter. Lynsey has a top hat, I now have a pocket watch (ish) and some white rabbit earrings. I have two fascinator hats I'm going to attach to my clothes, and will be trying to dress up generally a little bit mad. I'm looking forward to it, you will get a photo, I promise.

I met the housemates and walked back up to the flat where Ben was waiting. So I wouldn't have any problems getting up again I dumped my bags and started loading up the car, it only took two journeys up and down the stairs which is better than expected. But worse than expected when you're moving out the stuff of someone who apparently doesn't live there anymore. Just Saying.

A parking spot was found not too far from the house, the bits were moved in and a tour was given. I approved and left to get back home.

Upon arriving home Tom joined us to set up the telly and sort some of his stuff. I started putting together something of an outfit for the Mad Hatter to give myself a head start rather than start at half eleven on Thursday night.

Eventually I was able to crawl into bed where I did not sleep for nearly long enough.



Day 62 - Organisation

3rd March 2013

I drove back up to London after Ruthie's party. I decided I wanted the whole day in London, I needed a lie in but I had so much sorting to do for this room move.

It took a long time to get going, I just kept sitting down and staring at it and then deciding I needed tea or a break or some other such nonsense. Eventually I seemed to get into a rhythm and got a whole mess of stuff done.

To make my room less cluttered during the moving process I've been putting everything into my cupboards. This now means I have less and less of my stuff readily available to me in my room, and I have of course required things after they have been hidden away in boxes and bags. Sigh.

Only a short while left. This makes me happy and sad. Happy because I will finally have ROOM! Sad, because to have this room Samantha must leave and I'm not best pleased about that whole situation.


The plus side of today was that Lynsey and I have booked ourselves flights to Belfast to visit Claire, yay! This was a seemingly simple procedure, but Lynsey managed to book our flight home a day late. Doh. As this is EasyJet of course it was more expensive to cancel the flights than they were to buy, so we decided to find a Travel Lodge for the last night as Claire can't have us, and pretend like we're grown ups for a bit. Wahey!



Day 61 - Ruthie Pi

2nd March 2013

I was up bright and early this morning to shower ahead of Ruthie's parties. I was heading over early to assist at her friends party before the family version. This was so much fun, much more than one might expect of something so close to one's job. The difference there being only 6 children and those children being completely outnumbered can do, eh?

The girls were decorating cupcakes, with the help of the fabulous Mary of Cake Lips, one of my sister's close friends. The frosting she made I could have eaten with a spoon. Drool. We all decorated a cake with the delicious frosting and adorable little icing tiaras and butterflies and bunnies...d'awww.

After cupcakes the girls played a little musical statues and pass the parcel. There was a lot of Call Me Maybe and even a little Gangnam Style. Susie doing Gangnam Style is so cute I nearly fainted. 

After the girls left, the family arrived. It was a pretty awesome day all round. There are a lot of kids in this family, my sort of...niblings once removed. They are all just as wonderful as my very own niblings and I enjoy seeing them all playing together even though that often means refereeing disputes. One such brilliant exchange was:

Ruthie "Auntie Stephie, JoJo called me a willy!"
Me "JoJo, that's not very nice is it?"
Joe "But Luc encouraged me!"
I give him a look the equivalent of an "ahem"
Joe "*sigh* Sorry Ruthie." then, muttering "It's just a willy..."

How jealous are you of that cake? I'm jealous and I ate three or so myself. I'm also feeling pretty envious of the accordion. That was my present to her, and I am now sorely tempted to get one for myself, it was just too much fun. But no. Saxophone Stephanie, concentrate.

Ruthie is such a wonderful girl. She is so happy, all the time, just like her mummy (my sister). Her smile brightens up anyone's day and she is not stingy with them. She is so kind to her siblings, not to say they aren't kind to her but that she has a certain maturity about her kindness. The way she talks to and plays with Susie is the definition of heartwarming. She is so funny, I think you get a good idea of her character from these photos. She says such lovely things to me that make me feel so utterly loved, such as "Auntie Stephie, will I definitely see you tomorrow? Because I just love you too much!"

Well my little Rooster, your Auntie Stephie loves you too too much too!!


Day 60 - Buy & Use

1st March 2013

Today is my darling Ruthie's birthday! My eldest niece turned 5 today and I cannot believe my little girlie is so grown up. Happy Birthday my beautiful girl, I am infinitely proud to be able to call myself your Auntie!

So, to celebrate my little Pi's birthday I headed back down to Kent for her birthday party. Straight after I got home from work I threw some clothes in a bag and jumped in the car. An uneventful drive later I arrived back at Pogles. The birthday girl was there with the family for a quick hello after her birthday dinner at Frankie and Benny's, so I got a big big hug and gave her her birthday present. You'll see it tomorrow. They had to dash pretty quickly, but luckily for this doting auntie as soon as three niblings departed another arrived in the form of Keira.

Who is still too darling for words.

She'd decided to bring along her parents for the ride, so I had an entirely pleasant evening of cuddles with niblings then chattage with siblings.

I'd been so wrapped up in my cuddles that it wasn't until Keira had gone to bed, taking Mummy and Daddy with her. I looked around for inspiration and found Buy & Use.

This sign was put up by Joe at Christmas. After all the present giving excitement the kids set up a shop to sell off all their goods. I enjoy playing shops with them, as they always want to give me money. I wish this was how it worked in reality. Sigh.

They never do things by halves, and it wasn't long before Joe had given their shop a name and Ruthie had sourced bags for life to sell to use, and they had decided on prices for everything. They would have made a fortune...if it weren't for the whole giving me money thing.

The sign has stayed up, and I love it.