Sunday, 24 March 2013

Day 81 - Note to self

22nd March 2013

After a long day at work I headed home to prepare for Ally's arrival. As she was going with her brother to one of these so called 'gigs' she wouldn't be in Ealing until after midnight.

I thought this was going to prove extremely difficult, I was shattered. In order to aid my alertness I decided to do something I never do because I am apparently quite an old lady. I got a coffee. Not to say I never get coffee ever, I love me some coffee. No, I mean I got caffeinated coffee in the afternoon. I know, right, slow down Steph you're speeding too fast. Sorry man, that's just not how I roll. 

After my caffeinated coffee and then further caffeinated teas I set to pootering around the house and waiting. 

As there was not much to do and I couldn't wait to take a photo of Ally as she wouldn't be in until technically the next day, I took a photo of my new notice board. I'n't'it pritty? I have my little sheet that you can see above it where I write a month's worth of social excitements and now I have the board for the pertinent things to remember for that particular week, as well as a countdown to Easter holidays. Three and a half days baby!! 

The time eventually passed and I set out to collect Ally. It being freezing cold and me being super comfy in my pyjamas made me extremely super lazy, and I drove. We arrived back at the flat and instead of just going to bed like normal people we sat up and chatted with tea (decaf, I'm not insane) for another hour or so before bed. 

Ready for a hectic day on Saturday. Ha.



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