Sunday, 10 March 2013

Day 68 - Room move pt. 2

9th March 2013

Today was the big move. I heard Samantha get up and leave for her first run and snoozed a little bit before getting up myself and making a rare breakfast. I'm not really into breakfast. I have a brioche and some orange juice when I get to work during the week, but will only really have breakfast at the weekends if I have something I have to get up for but that takes place in the house, or I accidentally get up early. Because that is always an accident.

So I watched some Community (new addiction) over some tea and porridge, and waited for the Flood to return so I could get on with my move.

As she returned and emptied her room of the last few things Tom arrived, so there were a lovely few minutes of moving people in and out simultaneously. We had a genuinely heart wrenching goodbye.

Samantha has only lived with us since about July, and I absolutely adore her. We've had so much fun and done so many exciting things together, it feels like we've known each other a lot longer. I have no doubt that we will see each other a lot and I don't have to worry about missing her, but I really really will. We are such children in our sense of humour and our taste in hot chocolate. Dunno about you, Severe Precipitation, but I am sure I have another new friend for life. Don't stay away too long, I have too many immature left jokes to make.

This obviously leaves a gap in the house, one Tom is filling. We live with a boy. I've shared houses with boys before, but not this flat. This flat has been a girls flat for a long time. It didn't take long to make the change. Neither Lynsey nor I are particularly girly, nor do we shun such activities at all, but within about 5 hours of arriving, we had had two games of rugby on, had gone for a beer run and Mortal Kombat was being played in the front room. I love rugby and beer and video games are brilliant, but it is always a lot of fun when stereotypes are fulfilled.

I've known Tom for about two years, he's a friend of Nichola. What is awesome is that he is also a Medwayite, like Samantha. What is boggling is that we have discovered links between our families. When we first met we discovered I knew his sister when we were younger. His dad was in the same class at primary school as my aunt, the same school where my grandma was Head and his was a Dinnerlady. After that my Grandad would drop his aunt off at secondary school with mine. What?! That's insane. Just some other random I met from Medway. We were chatting today and discovered it is not impossible that our great grandparents may have crossed paths. At first he said this and I told him that was where we'd end our links, as my Grandparents moved down from Glasgow with my mum and her siblings when she was 5. That's when he brings out that his great grandparents were Glaswegians. Man alive.

After our little genealogy chat, I was able to start hauling all my stuff into my new room. It took awhile. When it all first came in I could not believe how I had managed to fit quite so much junk into my tiny room. I know most of you can believe this of me, but even this would amaze you, I'm sure.

I have managed to unpack and sort about 70% I reckon. It is mostly done, but there are still bits here and there to do, and still some washing to sort. Hopefully I'll be done soon and can settle down in comfort.

It is very very strange to be in here. I've known three other girls to live in here, how is this now my room?! How do I now have so much room in my bed?! It's now so cold! My room was like a sauna, the heating could be on for ten minutes and I'd be sweltering, now I'm considering an extra blanket. There's a little electric heater, but it sounds like a cat dying a highly unpleasant death, so I don't think I'll have that on tonight. Maybe I'll get a routine sorted for it.

Fingers crossed.



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