Thursday, 21 March 2013

Day 77 - Light fitting

18th March 2013

Monday. It's so close to the end of term, it's taunting me. After the weekend I was shattered and just want to sleep...alas. It was work for me, and I was highly uninspired when I got home. I forgot my umbrella and it was absolutely tipping it down, so I was nicely drenched. It was the kind of rain where you just have to accept that you're gonna get wet and concentrate on not falling over. I found the most appropriate rainy day songs on my iPod and set off for a wander home.

Once I arrived it was a wash and into pyjamas...I'd had all sorts of big plans to be all organised but they went out the window as soon as I realised I'd be precipitated upon during my journey homeward.

I was all but ready to get into bed when I remembered I needed to take a photo. This is my light fitting in my room. I like it. I'm not sure which housemate added the stars, but it's nice. I am enjoying that I can wildly take a jumper off in my room without the lampshade flying into a fit, which was an issue in the baby room. It didn't have to be that wild really, even a spirited "yay the day has ended" removal or a "Oh crap I'm going to be late" fling on of a coat.

Now I can get back to my true self, being enthusiastic about putting on knitwear.



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