Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Day 62 - Organisation

3rd March 2013

I drove back up to London after Ruthie's party. I decided I wanted the whole day in London, I needed a lie in but I had so much sorting to do for this room move.

It took a long time to get going, I just kept sitting down and staring at it and then deciding I needed tea or a break or some other such nonsense. Eventually I seemed to get into a rhythm and got a whole mess of stuff done.

To make my room less cluttered during the moving process I've been putting everything into my cupboards. This now means I have less and less of my stuff readily available to me in my room, and I have of course required things after they have been hidden away in boxes and bags. Sigh.

Only a short while left. This makes me happy and sad. Happy because I will finally have ROOM! Sad, because to have this room Samantha must leave and I'm not best pleased about that whole situation.


The plus side of today was that Lynsey and I have booked ourselves flights to Belfast to visit Claire, yay! This was a seemingly simple procedure, but Lynsey managed to book our flight home a day late. Doh. As this is EasyJet of course it was more expensive to cancel the flights than they were to buy, so we decided to find a Travel Lodge for the last night as Claire can't have us, and pretend like we're grown ups for a bit. Wahey!



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