Sunday, 17 March 2013

Day 71 - Bebe

March 12th 2013

Zuzi will love the hell out of me for this. In my defence, I take my camera for my picture that day and then they complain about me taking pictures so I am forced to take what I can get. Let this be a lesson to you.

So Tuesday rolled around and it was Bex's turn to cook for us. What was extra brilliant was the presence of Kyle. Kyle has moved to London, yay! Now we can see him aaaalllllllll the time, as opposed to when he appears from Coventry. Which was, admittedly, pleasingly often. But now it's more. Woop.

I made it over to Leytonstone, just about avoiding calling out to a stranger I thought was Kyle. The problem was I had been pondering along my walk whether I would recognise my friends by their walk. Then a bit later there was someone in Kyle's coat and a bobble hat that could have been him and it might have been his walk - mere seconds from Bex's house. I was this close to shouting his name with Glee, but then he crossed the road millimetres from the right door and I was so glad I pondered the bobble hat a little longer.

Dignity intact, I made it to Bex's. She made us deliciously delicious stuffed butternut squash. We played with a calculator. I love my friends.

About half way through the evening the cold I've had for the last month or so (seriously, it's not been my week for health) started to really make itself known. My face hurt so much it was difficult to focus on the hilarity ensuing.

We headed home and I got on my long old tube home. I got a good napping spot, but failed to sleep due to the big headache happening at me. Bleurgh.



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