Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Day 60 - Buy & Use

1st March 2013

Today is my darling Ruthie's birthday! My eldest niece turned 5 today and I cannot believe my little girlie is so grown up. Happy Birthday my beautiful girl, I am infinitely proud to be able to call myself your Auntie!

So, to celebrate my little Pi's birthday I headed back down to Kent for her birthday party. Straight after I got home from work I threw some clothes in a bag and jumped in the car. An uneventful drive later I arrived back at Pogles. The birthday girl was there with the family for a quick hello after her birthday dinner at Frankie and Benny's, so I got a big big hug and gave her her birthday present. You'll see it tomorrow. They had to dash pretty quickly, but luckily for this doting auntie as soon as three niblings departed another arrived in the form of Keira.

Who is still too darling for words.

She'd decided to bring along her parents for the ride, so I had an entirely pleasant evening of cuddles with niblings then chattage with siblings.

I'd been so wrapped up in my cuddles that it wasn't until Keira had gone to bed, taking Mummy and Daddy with her. I looked around for inspiration and found Buy & Use.

This sign was put up by Joe at Christmas. After all the present giving excitement the kids set up a shop to sell off all their goods. I enjoy playing shops with them, as they always want to give me money. I wish this was how it worked in reality. Sigh.

They never do things by halves, and it wasn't long before Joe had given their shop a name and Ruthie had sourced bags for life to sell to use, and they had decided on prices for everything. They would have made a fortune...if it weren't for the whole giving me money thing.

The sign has stayed up, and I love it.



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