Thursday, 21 March 2013

Day 78 - Washing

19th March 2013

Long day today. This sinusitis is still running rings around me, ruining all my good intentions. After lunch I was hit with a headache that would not let up, and as I had had so many painkillers in the previous week for my arm and head I really didn't want to take anymore - I was just drinking water wherever I could and hoping it would go away. It totes didn't.

I had to go into Asda after work to get food which was just too horrible. Not the Asda part, just that I couldn't come straight home and chill the hell out. Bluergh.

By the time I got home I had a weird sort energy. Like I wanted to get loads of stuff under my belt so I could go to sleep without too much to do the next night. So I unpacked and had dinner, cleared out my cupboard, had a MASSIVE bath and sorted out a load of washing and put some on before making lunch for the next day.

After this I had to use the ol' Express Wash and Dry. Which should be Express Wash and LIES.

When this cycle is finished, yes, your clothes are washed. But they are not dry. They are merely hot. I had tried to pre-empt this and put in about a three quarter load, imagining I had been filling it too much on previous occasions. To no avail. I still had to hang up all my stuff. Muttering and grumbling the whole time "Express yes but come on" "pfft...dry my arse..." "could get it drier with a sneeze" etc.

Grumble mutter.



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