Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Day 63 - Locked out

March 4th 2013

Idiot Stephanie.

I got into work this morning and realised I had left my keys on the kitchen table. Agh. Samantha and Lynsey don't get in generally till about 6/6:30ish at the best of times, and I get back at about ten past four. Double Agh. I was supposed to be helping Ben move Nich's stuff out and into their new pad. Triple Agh. I meant to get a load of sorting done first. Quadruple Agh. I didn't even have my Oyster card to go and get keys from someone. Quintuple Agh.

Agh. Agh. Agh. Agh. Agh.

I had decided I would go into Ealing, get a few bits I didn't desperately need but might as well get, and then wait it out in Caffe Nero. Luckily for me I managed to get a lift from a colleague into Ealing so that I didn't have to walk past the house which would have hurt my heart deeply.

I realised while I was out that I needed to get myself the makings of a costume for school for World Book Day. I wandered around Primark, looking for something to leap out at me as the beginnings of a costume. I didn't have any luck. I was resigned to finding myself stripy leggings and being the Wicked Witch, and so went into Claire's Accessories. Whilst there I spotted this lovely watch. Now that was an idea.

So now, I'm going as the Mad Hatter. Or more truthfully, 'A' Mad Hatter. Lynsey has a top hat, I now have a pocket watch (ish) and some white rabbit earrings. I have two fascinator hats I'm going to attach to my clothes, and will be trying to dress up generally a little bit mad. I'm looking forward to it, you will get a photo, I promise.

I met the housemates and walked back up to the flat where Ben was waiting. So I wouldn't have any problems getting up again I dumped my bags and started loading up the car, it only took two journeys up and down the stairs which is better than expected. But worse than expected when you're moving out the stuff of someone who apparently doesn't live there anymore. Just Saying.

A parking spot was found not too far from the house, the bits were moved in and a tour was given. I approved and left to get back home.

Upon arriving home Tom joined us to set up the telly and sort some of his stuff. I started putting together something of an outfit for the Mad Hatter to give myself a head start rather than start at half eleven on Thursday night.

Eventually I was able to crawl into bed where I did not sleep for nearly long enough.



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  1. Aw! Give me a break, I did move a lot of stuff back into the flat again! Did I mention you're awesome? xx


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