Sunday, 17 March 2013

Day 73 - Sudofed etc.

March 14th 2013

I stayed at home today. I really really hated doing it, I hate not being in school because I love my job, and I hate leaving the others to sort out someone to come in instead and whatnot. But there really was no way I could go in. I got an hour's sleep the previous night, and at the worst end of the night. I took ages to get to sleep, then woke up at 12:30 and lay there for the rest of the night and morning. I tried getting horlicks and propping up all my pillows and everything. I can't go to sleep now without having something on the tv... I'm not exactly watching, just pretending that I'm being read a story. It's not my dad and Neverending Story, but it'll do. But tonight, I watched everything.

I watched Dave till Dave wasn't on anymore. This meant I watched something about extreme kayaking over a weir in Putney. I think. I also watched something called Ben and Kate, and Being Erica and Happy Endings and even Jeremy Kyle. I was going absolutely mental by morning. I got a little sleep after confirming I wouldn't be in that day. Thankfully.

Yucky yucky day. I did the steaming my face thing, I had a long bath and some chicken noodle soup. My whole day consisted of Sudafed and temperature and Olbas and ergh.

Unpleasant day, I had decided I would go back into work on Friday but was worrying that I would have another sleepless night and a useless day at work. Being ill is just...the worst. And you - you right now - appreciate not being ill. Appreciate that your nose isn't blocked and your head and face doesn't hurt and your head doesn't hurt and that your throat doesn't hurt. Cause we just don't appreciate that until we are ill and we can't appreciate it. Ack.



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