Saturday, 9 March 2013

Day 67 - World Book Day

8th March 2013

Now I know that everyone else did World Book Day yesterday, but my school likes to do it at the end of the week. We had a whole week of book and education based things, so our children could go in dressed either as book characters or scientists or inventions or all sorts. There were some brilliant costumes, and as I work with the babies some exceedingly cute ones.

I myself headed in as the Mad Hatter. I was one of three, but we were all very different, and I never really see anyone above Reception anyway. Above is my teapot, which I love. I decided to keep in all the chaos of the flat at the moment so that you'll feel my pain. Below is me!

I was boiling all day. But it was worth it. The kids laughed at my hat and a few could not tear themselves away from my nails. Worst part of the day was when in the assembly all the adults had to get up on the stage, by themselves, and have the kids guess who they were. 500 children judging your ability to cobble together a costume is intimidating man. They all guessed, but they had just had another Mad Hatter to guess so not so difficult.

When I headed home for the day I was completely ready to be there. Unfortunately for me, I took my camera in yesterday to get some photos of the kids, and left it there. ARGH. I feel a little bit like I'm missing a limb, shows how much doing this photo challenge has changed how I see my own relationship with photography. I loved it before, but I actually feel like I can call it my hobby now. I realised too late to get back into school to pick it up. So now you will be treated to a weekend of iPhoneography. I know there are some people that can really rock the iPhone camera, but I'm not one of them. It can't handle low light at all and that annoys me immensely.

Sigh. Only a night left in the baby room. Tomorrow I shall be all moved in, Samantha will be gone, sob, and Tom will be here, hooray!



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