Thursday, 7 March 2013

Day 66 - Nails

7th March 2013

So tomorrow I am going into work dressed up for World Book Day. There is some prep taking place today, for one I have big messy curly hair that I'm hoping will not deflate too much overnight. My nails are the other bit.

I was a terrible nail biter up until a couple of years ago or so. I never knew what it was like to actually have nails, and so didn't paint them that much. I thought I was really bad at doing it, but have discovered since having these talons that it's actually because they were more like stubs. I'm not saying I'm great now, but I smudge quite a bit less. 

For my role tomorrow, I decided to go for different nails. I didn't have enough colours to go different for each one, but that's good because there are a couple I enjoy more than the others. The purple on my thumb is my favourite at the moment, the black and gold glittery one is Lynsey's and I'm going to make a point of trying to find some more or that. The bobbly one is a cheap set I got from Primark out of curiosity a little while ago. I have it on the other hand too, it's actually a pearly colour, but I covered this one to mix it up a bit. The last two were scraping the barrel a bit. The blue is decidedly meh, and the yellow took about 5048 coats to get a solid colour. Never mind, it's nice and bright.

Bit sad I can't show you my other hand, but it's honestly not that exciting. Red thumb, green index finger and the white bobbles. Boom.

Time to go to sleep, tomorrow requires an early start. I am definitely driving in.



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