Thursday, 21 March 2013

Day 79 - Tea Stash

20th March 2013

Just as I was settling into my bed last night I felt an all too familiar feeling in my nose. Nosebleed. I leapt out of bed shielding my lovely duvet from my blood and into the bathroom to try and find tissue. Couldn't manage holding tissues to my face and washing hands so Lynsey came and helped me - the me who looked like I had perhaps been slashed, as the drops I hadn't caught were now running down my chest. Nice eh?

So this morning I get up and am very careful not to sniff or blow my nose right up until the last second when that goes out the window and I give it a good old honk. Exactly what I had been trying to avoid happened, nosebleed #2. I was too late to walk by the time I had sorted myself out, and had to drive. This is good, I can get in and home nice and easily, but it's a bit of a faff. Ah well.

Got into school and did my thing for awhile. About midway through the've guessed it, nosebleed #3. This was harder to control, it was the heaviest of the three, and I was momentarily by myself in the classroom with 15 children all telling me the video of 5 Little Ducks went swimming one day had finished and informing me in dulcet tones that they would rather enjoy watching it again if it wouldn't be too much bother. Ahem.

Later that afternoon, shock of shocking shocks, nosebleed #4. This was pretty short, but had me thinking that I should pick up a steak on the way home. Man, I'd love some steak. Alas.

I managed to get home and finish the day without any more vital fluids leaking from my face. Phew! Nich headed over to pick up some post, and said she was only going to be there for a minute or two, definitely no tea. A cup of tea and about an hour's chat later she finally left. She found the key, damn. JK. LOL. JK. ?

Once again, today I just wanted to go to bed. I nearly forgot about the photo, but remembered with just enough time. This is our Tea Stash. We have the odd one or two teabags here and there. Two kettles, but that's not a usual thing. Sometimes it's sorely needed, but alas, the other one will be put away soon.

So if you're ever in the neighbourhood and dying for a cuppa....sorry, couldn't spare a single one.



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