Sunday, 17 March 2013

Day 75 - Rugger

16th March 2013

Yesterday a wonderful big group of us went to the pub to watch all the rugby. This time tables were reserved for us, so we wouldn't have any problems finding seats which has been an issue on many an occasion. These were booked from 1pm. Tom and I arrived at 1, joined shortly afterwards by Chris.

After awhile everyone else started to trickle in, and soon there were friends from all over the place there and I had such a genuinely great time. My face was back to hurting again, but had my Olbas on hand like a little health pack.

A long day was had. The last of us left when the bar closed, meaning that us three founding members of the day were there for about 11 hours. Kudos? Kudos. Thanks.

Yeah, we didn't win the rugby. But, it was fun. I think maybe I should shout at the screen a bit louder next time, they only seemed to hear me once.



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