Thursday, 7 March 2013

Day 65 - Pink Wafers

March 6th 2013

Picked up some biscuits on the way home to help me power through this apparently endless task of packing up all my rubbish. I decided I would allow myself them once I'd made satisfactory progress. This is difficult to quantify. I can't say "once I'm done" because I can't be done. My room kinda has to stay a mess till moving day in some sense, I haven't got the room to be that perfectly organised. So I just decided once I'd made some actual real motions towards tidying.

I moved a few bags through to the front room and organised a few more things to shred. There are a lot. Groo.

Eventually the decision was made for me, Tom came over with a few more things and so we had to have tea and tea without biscuits when there are biscuits in the house is an actual crime against real British law.

Now, don't get me wrong, pink wafers are not my go to tea biscuit. That would be foolish. It's controversial, I know, but Rich Teas just get me. I love a digestive or hobnob in tea, and drinking your tea through a Tunnock's Caramel Wafer is just beautiful. Rich Teas however just hit the exact spot. I quite like the rush between dunking and eating, and taking the miniscule amount of time between the two to observe the tea being soaked up. Mmmm.

But I do really quite enjoy the pink wafer really quite a lot. I think they are an oft-forgot biscuit and this should change.

Next time you want biscuits, get some Pink Wafers, and think of me.



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