Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Overly Talented Kelly - Picture This by Kelly Stanley

Far too many years ago now, my friends and I each decided upon an adjective for each other. Mine was Super...there was a Gorgeous, a Lovely, an Evil, amongst many others. Kelly's was Radiantly Beautiful, because everyone in the world was in love with Kelly. As well they should be, because she is indeed Radiantly Beautiful.

Now I feel like we should change that adjective. Yes, people should still be falling over themselves to be in love with Kelly but because she is Overly Talented, as well as Radiantly Beautiful. Kelly is one of those people you kinda want to hate because they're just so good at everything they decide to try, but you can't because she's just too damn nice. Ergh.

When I first met Kelly she was a tiny young thing, rocking out on stage and winning a competition for doing so. Some of my favourite songs of hers are from these very early days. But she was never one to just stick with one talent. As well as being an Overly Talented singer/songwriter/musician, she is also an Overly Talented artist. This is the crux of the matter.

Kelly makes her living doing all these wonderfully creative things, from teaching singing and performing live, to creating art and selling it. I'm here to point you in the direction of the lovely things she creates and hope that maybe something takes your fancy for yourself or as a gift.

First thing I'll tell you about is her drawings. I love her drawings of animals, and you can bet that once I get my cat (when I am a grown up/do not have an "allergic" housemate, it is one of my highest priorities) I will be commissioning a drawing from Kelly. Here are a few examples:

Totes adorbs, right?

Another thing Kelly does is paint plates. These make me hungry.

Guess what! There's MORE!

I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid for Kelly last summer, and it was an entirely beautiful day. Much of the loveliness was created by the Bride herself, and she has now added those beauties to the things you can commission and buy!

This is the topper Kelly made for her own cake...that's her and Scott and little Bilbo, their pug!

I could show you a million examples of things that you will undoubtedly love, but it is far better that you look at her Etsy page and fall in love much more organically. Find Picture This on Etsy, and have a browse. I have managed to time this post slightly off...unfortunately Kelly is away for a little while having surgery (thinking of you Kelly!), but she will be back up and running very soon, I'm sure.