Monday, 11 March 2013

Day 70 - Slung

11th March 2013

So not quite what I expected from today. I am currently enslingulated. What's happened? How did it happen? You tell me.

During the afternoon I was sat with some children...not doing anything, not holding anything, one of the rare times I was sat still. Suddenly my arm started aching more and more, right in the middle on the side, so badly I thought I thought I might be sick. I waited it out for a little bit, in case it was just one of those twinges, but soon realised that I couldn't do anything any of the kids asked of me, it hurt too much. Eventually I called NHS direct and they asked if I had done anything to any part of my arm. I had whacked the back of my hand on the side of had hurt but nothing else. This was about 45 minutes before my arm started hurting. They thought it could be something to do with this, soft tissue damage or something. To be on the safe side she advised I go to the hospital for an X ray.

Luckily for me, Tom lives with us now, is a driver and had a day off. He was a GEM and picked me up and took me to Hammersmith where I sat next to a man hacking and hocking a lung out. It was revolting. He said he was "choking slightly". I had a problem with this, I don't think you can choke slightly, you're choking or not and if you are, you can't say "excuse me, but I think I'm choking slightly". I was seen pretty quickly, and sent for an X Ray. By this point painkillers had kicked in and the pain wasn't so extreme, just an odd twinge. I haven't had an X Ray for a long time, but I remembered in full detail that they always want a horrible angle when my arm was, kindly, maneuvered into a position that brought that aches back well and truly.

Upon looking at my X Rays it was determined I hadn't managed to fracture my arm whilst sitting still, phew. I did however have some swelling on the bone at my elbow. Just another location to throw into the mix. Elbow doesn't hurt at all, so not sure what's going on here.

They didn't exactly clarify what they thought had happened after this...just gave me a wrist support, put me in a sling and said I should keep it in that and take it easy for a few days. They were perfectly lovely people at every step, but I do wish I knew what had happened. Maybe they don't know exactly what it was. Mystery.

Tom was an angel again and came to collect me. I got home and had a lot of tea. I'd been craving it all afternoon.

I knew that the only photo that would suffice for today would be of the sling. It was pretty difficult. I considered a timer, but thought that the ridiculousness of the photo merely emphasised my one handed state at the moment.

Here is a photo to better illustrate the whole scene.




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