Sunday, 10 March 2013

Day 69 - Such a Sunday

March 10th 2013

First things first, Happy Mothers' Day to my wonderful Mama! I know everyone says their mums are the loveliest, most wonderful, caring, beautiful mums, but what makes me stand out is that I'm the only one that's right.

I love my Mama more than words can say, and miss her immensely every day. All too often I find myself thinking "I just want my mum...". Sometimes a hug from your mummy is the only thing that will do. A meal made by her is next on the list. Nothing is as delicious as when your mum makes it. Or mine.

Can't wait to see you again Mama, love you most!

See, I do wear pink on occasion.

So today has been quite a Sunday-ey kind of day. I woke up earlier than I would have liked, but relaxed in my new big bed and watched some telly. After a little while I got myself up and had a shower and a perfect breakfast of orange juice and crumpets. Mmm. Whilst eating, we indulged in a little Community. Get used to this people.

Self sorted and looking presentable I headed out to Victoria to meet Danielle and Paul. Danielle was among the girls I lived with right the way through uni, right from our little Flat E-7 in Langstone Halls in Portsmouth, through to the Herb Mansion. It was because of Danielle that I will find myself saying I am going into 'toyn' or that I'm going for a 'shar' or perplex people by saying 'Snow Patrol are from my toyn!'. In case you haven't picked up on it, Danielle is Northern Irish, the first of my two flatmates from Norn Iron. I hadn't seen her in far too long, so when she said she was going to be in London with Paul, her fiancé (though we'll just say boyfriend eh Danielle?) I jumped at the chance to grab a drink or some food with her.

Though, thanks to the move, grabbing a drink is all I had time for. The tube took an hour as opposed to the half hour it should, and they had to be off to Madame Tussaud's before it closed. I had a very nice, but far too short, time chatting with them about all things Pompey before heading back to the flat.

This is going to be among the best things about Tom living with us. Chef Tom is, in actual fact, a chef. I have had the great pleasure of partaking of meals cooked by Tom before, and when he said a roast was going to happen I was quite excited. As I arrived home this was being finished up and I was able to settle down with a big plate of happiness. It was all so delicious that I am fighting sleep. 

The Tardis is one of Tom's additions to the flat, I wonder if you've noticed a theme? This is now a main feature in my eyeline from my spot and it pleases me. Apparently it's Yahtzee. The dice have aliens on them? Or something? It has been explained to me, but I'm still not 100% what makes this Doctor Who Yahtzee as opposed to Yahtzee with a Tardis. 

I'm now off to finish watching some rugby and sort some more of my life out. I am still managing to fight this cold and all I really want to do is get into my pyjamas and go to bed, but it's still a little early. Sigh.



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