Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Day 61 - Ruthie Pi

2nd March 2013

I was up bright and early this morning to shower ahead of Ruthie's parties. I was heading over early to assist at her friends party before the family version. This was so much fun, much more than one might expect of something so close to one's job. The difference there being only 6 children and those children being completely outnumbered can do, eh?

The girls were decorating cupcakes, with the help of the fabulous Mary of Cake Lips, one of my sister's close friends. The frosting she made I could have eaten with a spoon. Drool. We all decorated a cake with the delicious frosting and adorable little icing tiaras and butterflies and bunnies...d'awww.

After cupcakes the girls played a little musical statues and pass the parcel. There was a lot of Call Me Maybe and even a little Gangnam Style. Susie doing Gangnam Style is so cute I nearly fainted. 

After the girls left, the family arrived. It was a pretty awesome day all round. There are a lot of kids in this family, my sort of...niblings once removed. They are all just as wonderful as my very own niblings and I enjoy seeing them all playing together even though that often means refereeing disputes. One such brilliant exchange was:

Ruthie "Auntie Stephie, JoJo called me a willy!"
Me "JoJo, that's not very nice is it?"
Joe "But Luc encouraged me!"
I give him a look the equivalent of an "ahem"
Joe "*sigh* Sorry Ruthie." then, muttering "It's just a willy..."

How jealous are you of that cake? I'm jealous and I ate three or so myself. I'm also feeling pretty envious of the accordion. That was my present to her, and I am now sorely tempted to get one for myself, it was just too much fun. But no. Saxophone Stephanie, concentrate.

Ruthie is such a wonderful girl. She is so happy, all the time, just like her mummy (my sister). Her smile brightens up anyone's day and she is not stingy with them. She is so kind to her siblings, not to say they aren't kind to her but that she has a certain maturity about her kindness. The way she talks to and plays with Susie is the definition of heartwarming. She is so funny, I think you get a good idea of her character from these photos. She says such lovely things to me that make me feel so utterly loved, such as "Auntie Stephie, will I definitely see you tomorrow? Because I just love you too much!"

Well my little Rooster, your Auntie Stephie loves you too too much too!!


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