Sunday, 17 March 2013

Day 76 - St. Paddy's

17th March 2013

So...I had a little bit of cider yesterday and I may or may not have felt a little less than uber today. Naturally, I needed a bit longer to sleep, and naturally I woke up at 5am and that was that. I aimed for sleep for a little bit, gave up and went and got my orange juice and tea.

We had entertained the thought of maybe going out for a roast somewhere or something. That didn't really happen so much.

The closest the flat came today to celebrating our irishness is the ever present sticker on our window. It's been there at least as long as I have. It's not green anymore but it gets the message across.

Today was a long day of sitting and not moving a lot because that was kind dangerous territory. I finally found the energy to post all the photos I hadn't managed to over the week. I'd take the picture, but then writing was too much brain energy. You may have noticed that the posts are a bit shorter than usual still. I'm still not all the way there. I will be! Probably! I guess. I'd quite like some pats. Or a cat. Man alive do I need a cat in my life.


I'm tired.


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