Thursday, 28 February 2013

Day 59 - Hardy Kiwi

February 28th 2013

This is one of the ultimate "I'm a giant!" props. It ranks alongside miniature whiskies and those tiny books china dolls carry.

These are Kiwi berries, or Hardy Kiwi. Yesterday while shopping I spotted these in the fruit section thinking they were Castelvetrano olives. I'm totally in love with these olives, and can rarely find them around Ealing. Asda sold them once, but have taken them away again, just to tease me. This time I spotted these berries and thought...wrong section, but I might be onto something...and scooted myself right over.

As is clear, they weren't olives. That search continues. But I do quite enjoy these little fellas. They taste just like kiwis, except maybe a little sweeter. There's a slightly bitter taste as you eat the skin rather than peel them, but it's not enough to warrant peeling them. I'm finding they're a good "I think I'm hungry but I'm actually just bored" kind of food. I've taken to topping and tailing them as the ends are a bit bleurgh. Look at that description, I should be a food critic. "The Duck a l'orange was delightful, though there was the merest soupçon of bleurgh detectable in the sauce".

These are apparently a limited edition berry in Asda, so if you fancy it better head down there soon folks! Hey Asda, where's my kickback? 

Tomorrow I am back to Kent once more for Ruthie's birthday, so there will once again be a pause on the daily updates. I'm upgrading my laptop a bit at a time, starting with some more RAM that's sitting in Pogles at the moment, so hopefully before long I'll have some confidence that I can upload photos on the move and you won't have to wait so long. I know it pains you deeply and I do so hate to do that to you all. 


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