Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Day 46 - Pogles

15th February 2013

Hello again! Hasn't it been a long time? It feels like a terribly long time. I was back in Kent this weekend to celebrate my brother's birthday, and so took my pictures but did not upload them.

It was a wonderful weekend, and you'll read all about it in the posts for each day, calm yourself.

After school finished on Friday I came home and had a massive cup of tea. I had a little sit down and then cracked on with getting myself sorted to come home. Samantha was hitching a ride and we had decided to wait and go a bit later to avoid some traffic. We set off at 19:51, on a good day it takes 90 minutes(ish) to get back.

It was not a good day. It took us an hour to make it halfway along the M4 to the M25 exit due to an accident closing two lanes. I feel we made the most of it though. We whacked on some tunes and sang our little hearts out. Well, originally, we were singing our little hearts out. Then we added some slight movement. Then slighter larger movement. Then it became 'how much can we entertain other drivers'. We were sat in stationary traffic for long periods of time, don't worry about our safety, dear reader. It was great fun to see people double take at our singing and dancing, and joy of joys when we got a thumbs up and a grin from one guy.

After the traffic started moving again we stopped. Well, stopped dancing, there's not much that will stop me signing in the car.

Eventually, a lot of tunes, a Samantha dropped home and 3 hours later, I trudged up the steps to Pogles. There are a lot of steps at Pogles. I was happy to find the back door unlocked. For my entire life we've used the door at the back of the house in the kitchen as the main entry point for all family and friends. Those who knew Pogles knew we used that door. Then Mum and Dad got this crazy idea of cleaning out the porch so we could use our front door for more than the post, so now that's the door. I can't get used to it, I will always head out to the kitchen to leave the house and have to turn back on myself. My key to the house is to the back door and I'm not giving it up!

After a little glass of wine and a chat to the rents, I headed upstairs to bed. The photo for today is of my bedroom door, and a little slice of my bedroom with its wondrous memory foam mattress. I can't remember how long ago it was that I stuck this keypad to the door. Dad had it and didn't need it, I thought it looked awesome. I still think it does, I love it. It has worked in my favour as well with little niblings being unable to punch in the correct code to get in and wake me up, mwahaha.

It did not take long to sleep at all that night.


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