Monday, 25 February 2013

Day 56 - Monkey

25th February 2013

I so did not have the energy for work this morning. I still felt, and feel, utterly drained by the events of the weekend and a cold that seems to be making itself known again.

I made it in powered by Lemsip Direct and got through the day, coughing and spluttering and feeling exactly what 'bleurgh' sounds like.

Back home I called Travel Insurance to try and sort out a replacement. Watch this space and keep your fingers crossed. Photos were imported and then I headed out to meet the housemates to get some dinner. I had no food and definitely no energy to shop.

We went to the Hare and Tortoise, a lovely place near Ealing Broadway. We had intended to get takeaway, but were lured in by the thought of refillable Jasmine tea. After a delicious tempura dinner we came back to the flat.

I'm really glad to be here at the moment, being so tired and drained I'm happy to be somewhere I feel comfortable. This little monkey has changed his appearance a number of times in my tenure here, but he's been here since my first Christmas and I quite like him.

I'm now in bed, finally finished writing all the blog posts from the past few days and ready for sleep. You'll forgive me for not writing a longer, more interesting post for today. Wish I had some more Jasmine tea.



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