Saturday, 9 February 2013

Day 39 - Defrost our freezer v 2.0

8th February 2013

I had hoped to have a more interesting photo today. But I forgot to put my memory card back in my camera. This is something I've struggled with. I take the card out and import the photos, generally fairly late, or if not late at least when I'm in bed to write the post. I get up and go and forget about the card.

Today I rushed back in from school, leapt through the shower, dried my hair and ran straight back out again to meet some people I used to work with. Some might call them "friends". Due to some of them working rubbish retail shifts trying to get a load of them in the same place is a task some people might not want to take on. We have been trying to plan a group meal out to Bodean's for months, seriously months. It wasn't going particularly well, some are harder to strap down than others, shifts are annoying things etc etc etc. We finally settled on today but numbers still weren't certain so it wasn't till earlier this week that we thought it would be possible to book...we tried...we failed.

So, instead we attempted Wahaca. I love Wahaca, Pork Pibil makes me very happy indeed. We arrived with only a small number of our party, and were told that our hour and a half wait for a table wouldn't start until they were all there. Boo. We found a Las Iguanas and had a beer before hopping back over, waiting a little bit longer before the food could happen. Then it did, and it was demolished and it was totally brilliant. I was there with six *awesome* friends who I don't get to see anywhere near as much as I'd like.

But. I forgot my memory card. Lugged the camera round with me all evening, but no card. Boo.

So I had to make do with what I could find when I got home. Last night Lynsey informed me that she had accidentally turned off the freezer for a day previously, so we decided we should bite the bullet and just defrost him. So, a week after it was supposed to happen, it finally is. Check out the iceberg at the top. That's a bag of peas and sweetcorn that's lodged in and not moving yet. I'm looking forward to seeing if anything else is unearthed over the coming days.

It's time for bed. Tomorrow I am getting up early to go and wait in a queue. Yes, I am that British.

Sweet dreams



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