Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Day 36 - Deep Cherry Brown

February 5th 2013

No, not a murderer. Or victim.

It's time to dye my hair, and I'm not always the neatest in my application. In my defense I don't miss my head by that much all the time, it's just that I used the moussey kind of dye that has bubbles that pop and tickle my head like you wouldn't believe. I resist as long as I can but inevitably end up having to prod whichever part is driving me nuts and then having a hair dye-ey finger. This is just part of the beauty of having a hair dye t-shirt as opposed to just an old towel.

This has been my hair dye t-shirt for nearly 3 years, the same colour that whole time too. It does have some grey paint on it from decorating a friend's set for a film as well, just to break the monotony of deep cherry brown, by John Frieda. I'm enjoying the build up, it won't be long before I can wear it out in Shoreditch. In fact, I probably could now. For now, I like to keep it in a drawer with just a little bit poking out. My wardrobe and drawers are out in the hall for those who don't know, so passers by see a suspiciously stained shirt. I enjoy this.

I've been dyeing my hair for...like.......ages. I think the first time I ever dyed it was when I was about 16 and that was red too. Over the years since then I've moved around not a huge amount...I've never been blonde, but I have been fairly light brown. I've dabbled in black and very purpley reds. But I'm enjoying this colour and think I'll stick with it for awhile. Tempted every so often to just go back to bog standard brunette, but that's just a bit boring for me for now.

Particularly as I dye my hair not just to have a different colour but because I am well into grey hair territory. I have been for awhile. I had my first greys in primary school, so it's not a new and terrifying thing. Though I am now noticing them more and more...I've even got little grey patches by my temples. Why am I telling the world this?? When I was at uni and dyeing my hair Zuzi used to say it looked like there were stray strands of glitter in my hair, where the dye had got hold of a completely grey hair. This was a nicer way of putting it. I think when my brother was about my age my little cousin climbed over him on the sofa and asked "Why have you got tinsel in your hair?" Ha.

I often wonder about when to stop. Not that I believe it will be any time soon, but at what point do I give up hair pigment to the gods and become silver haired? And how do I make that transition? Do I just go from being dark haired one day and strip it out and be grey the next? Or do I grow it out and look like a maniac? One of life's mysteries I guess. Well...not really. I'm sure there are plenty of people who could tell me if I asked. IF.

Four years on from the girls leaving the mansion in Pompey I'm finally happy to colour my own hair. I have happy memories of sitting uncomfortably on the floor whilst Zuzi or Bex did my hair...having to slide a little further forward if it was Bex cause I'm too tall and she's tiny...the question at the end "does anywhere feel dry?"...then the wet wipe to get all the bits on my skin. Ah. Good times. Nowadays , I'm stood in the bathroom, singing loudly, with vaseline smeared across my face in an attempt to prevent the need for a wet wipe at all. This is the best I think I've ever done. More often than not I could play a reasonable Dax.

Wait, is referencing Star Trek cool or not now? I get confused.

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