Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Day 58 - Room move pt.1

27th February 2013

So, after about two and a half years in my tiny little baby room, I am finally moving to a bigger room. Samantha is moving out, sob, and as much as I am really going to miss her quite a real lot, yay for a double bed!

Now, I love my little room. It's lovely and warm in winter, and gets lots of light. I have a velux window, and often take 20 minutes or so to have a little look at the world going by outside. I have invented stories about the birds and foxes I see, and have grown quite attached to some of them. I might project a little of myself onto them, I might not, just sayin'.

But it is so time. Being here for this long means I have definitely accumulated far too much stuff, and though I try and keep on top of it and get rid of said stuff I'm not very good at it. I get distracted by anything and everything, and I am the queen of attaching sentimental feelings to an old train ticket. When I tidy I have to put on something without singing (I'll just end up dancing holding a hairbrush) and nothing I haven't seen, but it can't be something I know too well. The story helps my brain focus.

As well as all the stuff...I'm a big person for a little room, and while I might prefer to sleep curled up rather than sprawled out, I like to have the option to sprawl out and I just don't have that in my single bed. My double duvet is very snuggly in this situation, but I think it's feeling stifled.

So part one of the move across started today. Samantha leaves next week and so has started packing up stuff in earnest, particularly as she has run away to Berlin for a few days. She cleared out her wardrobes so I can move my stuff in. My wardrobes are out in the hall anyway, so going for a walk to choose my clothes is no biggie. Another thing I'm really looking forward to, having my clothes in my room. Bliss.

I've managed two wardrobes and a shelf of clothes so far. Tomorrow I hope to have all wardrobes empty, so I can get to grips with my room on Sunday. This is not me skipping two days to chill, yeah I said it whatever, I am going back to Kent again this weekend for my darling Ruthie's 5th birthday and so will not be able to pack for that long 3 metre trek across the hall.

I'm not sure how many parts this volume will involve. It probably depends on how exciting my days are and how much progress I make. Thrilling, isn't it?



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