Monday, 25 February 2013

Day 51 - Paris

20th February 2013

I have returned from Paris with many a story to tell. I'm going to keep them to the days they happened on to avoid any confusion, mainly my own.

Wednesday morning I got up, bleary eyed and extremely excited, at 6am and headed off to Victoria Coach Station at 7am. This involved getting the district line which makes me extremely unhappy. It's just so slow and long and also quite slow and long. This wasn't over as quickly as I'd have liked, but soon enough I was trundling through Victoria. I stopped at Sainsbury's to grab some provisions - orange juice, twiglets, pomegranate seeds - and then arrived at departures. I was checked in fairly quickly and able to get myself into an excellent position for prime coach seats, second away from the door. My english queuing sensibilities were greatly offended when a man went through a different door and across the forecourt to get to the coach quicker, but never you worry, I made sure I was both ahead of him and that he caught my full scorn radiating in waves but with no speck of it showing on my face. It's the British way. 

My excellent pre-planning allowed me to get my preferred spot - about two thirds of the way up the coach, window seat, with the frame of the window aligned with the chair. I was also fortunate enough to get two seats to myself, bliss. We departed on time and I promptly fell asleep until we were almost at Dover. 

Before long we were on the ferry. I hadn't been on a ferry since...I'm not sure. It's either year 11 or year 8, I was trying to remember and failing. Anyone care to enlighten me? It felt like a long long time ago. It was fun, though at points I was not sailing well. Bleurgh. I ended up spending most of the journey standing out the outside deck watching the waves, which was lovely. 

After what seemed an impossibly short time, we were shepherded back into our vehicles and on our way. Again, I managed to sleep for most of the journey. Brilliant. After we entered Paris I started getting messages from Nich telling me of her whereabouts and enquiring into mine.

Nich: I think I'm at the right coach station...I can see a megabus so I assume I'm right.
Me: We're fairly close I fact I think we're there....look up!
Nich: I can see your coach!
Me: Look up woman!! *waving like a madwoman*
Nich: Steph, the windows are blacked out
Me: Well that's just great.

I got out of the coach, grabbed my case and only just resisted running towards my spouse. We hugged for a very very long time, then headed off to the metro and home. A short stop was made at the shops for cheese and hot dogs, then a lovely tomatoey, hot doggy, pasta-y yummy dinner. Plus some wine. Mmm. 

After I snapped my picture of Nich's ultra trendy Eiffel Tower, it occured to us that we were both very very tired, so we whacked on Runaway Bride and settled down into bed. Nich was asleep by the wedding videos, I was asleep by the time they bought the wedding dress. 

It was a long day but I was just SO happy to be in Paris with my Nichy Pants. Bring on Thursday...!


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