Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Day 43 - Alien Placenta Day

February 12th 2013

Happy Pancake Day!

Today's celebration of all things cooked in a frying pan ready to be smothered in Nutella or lemon juice and sugar coincided with my turn to cook dinner. This week we had a guest of honour Nick, Zuzi's boyf, as the two are off to Venice tomorrow and need to stay here and my flat is close to good tube lines to Heathrow. Not for Valentine's Day I hasten to add. They just happen to be there over that particular day. Whatever the reason, it was a fun evening, we like Nick.

I made them spinach and ricotta cannelloni, and I actually made it. I got in from work and wilted spinach like a mad lady, and made quite a passable dinner. There were only a few hair tearing moments, when I couldn't find a bowl that would fit my spinach and ricotta mix, and later when the pepper was nowhere to be found. Lynsey came home and found it under the kitchen table. Cause that's where it's usually kept. Cough.

We enjoyed our dinner and our sparkling wine, and eventually headed over to the kitchen to make pancakes. When I went shopping yesterday for ingredients I had intended to make pancakes the good old fashioned way, but then Aunt Bessie's was on offer and I reasoned I wouldn't finish the eggs before I went away.

Still not sure what it was, but it took a long time before we had anything vaguely resembling a pancake. We had a few things resembling Alien Placentas, which we definitely have seen and know exactly what they look like. Bex, Zuzi and I all had a go and failed miserably, so left it up to Nick who produced us some pancakes. Alongside some Chai Lattes it was a pretty tasty pudding.

Zuzi here demonstrates some excellent batter pouring. I apologise for the state of my hob. It had just had tomato sauce cooked on it, and I managed to splat one of the tomatoes up the wall. I am an exuberant cook at times.

Bex here shows a promising start. It was not to last.

Bex having a go on my camera "Hey, why does it always take two pictures?" "You're just holding the button down..."

I had a fun evening and look forward to the next meal, in a fortnight or so, at Bex's. Though this does mean a journey to Leytonstone and back for me. Long. At least Ealing is at the end of the line.

Night all,



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