Saturday, 9 February 2013

Day 40 - Rain Room

9th February 2013

I got up very early for a Saturday. It was almost painful. Before all of you with children tell me I don't know I'm born....sssh. I like sleep. 

We got up and headed out, later than expected, to go queue at the Barbican to see the Rain Room. As soon as we arrived I noted the poor queuing structure and how deeply uneasy it made me. People just seemed to be all over the place, and there were nowhere near enough barriers to prevent those with a shallow sense of morals just skipping over. Someone did it right in front of us. Fuming we were. Of course, we said nothing. We just thought about saying something.

Our queuing adventure lasted about three and a half hours before we got in. We got a lot of reading done and had a little bit too much coffee and a lot of running back and forth to the loo. At one point, near the end, we were doing our favourite bottom burp impressions. It was brilliant. 

We finally got in, and it was definitely worth the wait. For those of you who haven't heard of the Rain Room, it's an art installation. You walk into this room type...thing...and it's absolutely pouring in there. But it won't rain on you. There are sensors, so as you walk through it the rain stops. There are stray droplets, but I can handle those. Except the one that got me right in the eye, ow. It's pretty beautiful in there, I could have stayed in there for hours. No one rushes you out, but having waited 210ish minutes we were conscious that some of the people waiting in the queue might hate us entirely. 
Floodsy's in spaaace...
Stephie's in Spay-ee-ace...
We left, reluctantly, and found Lynsey to head over to a Vintage fair in Shoreditch. We are definitely cool enough for that. It wasn't completely brilliant, but I did find some pretty earrings and Lynsey a couple of dresses. The best part of the experience were the tea and cakes.

Hummunah. The buttercream was godly. The tea was from a teapot! In teacups! I was so so happy. I should make pots of tea more. We finally made it back to the flat with hair all crazy from random drops of Rain Room rain, then some of that rain that makes you slightly damp right down to your soul.

Having quoted it all day, we are now settling down to watch Garth Marenghi. Watch it. It's so worth your while.



These are our "we're nearly at the front!" faces.

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