Saturday, 2 February 2013

Day 33 - Duty

2nd February 2013

Last night, and not because of anything that happened last night I hasten to add, my favourite lens broke. It had been having some trouble focusing for the past week or so, and then during an attempt to take a photo of some new costume arrivals, it went "grrrgrrrrgrrrr" stopped and it kind of...fell out. It was quite a moment, everyone stopped and looked. I felt important. Which I am, so no biggie.

I swapped to a different lens, and all went well. This morning I properly inspected it and it's pretty much a goner. I consulted with the oracle (Facebook) to see where I should go for a repair, and the response seemed to be "Oh wise Stephanie, though it is indeed good to recycle, repair and reuse, in this case it would be far more prudent to replace this most hallowed of lenses...."

Luckily for me, it's not massively expensive...not very very cheap either though. I want to replace it sharpish though, it is my absolute favourite and I am not up for going to Paris without it.

After some lens research, a little lounging on the sofa with a lot of orange juice, and getting dressed into real clothes rather than pyjamas reluctantly, Lynsey and I headed to the pub to meet Tom and Chris and watch us some Rugger!

I'm not a sporty person. Ergh. There are times when I can get on board, like the Olympics (like the rest of the population), I enjoy playing badminton from time to time...I tried clay pigeon shooting last year and I loved it completely and would happily take that up as a hobby if it weren't so expensive. Then Rugby. I like Rugby. Football can go do one. My Dad and brother did watch football at home, but I don't remember seeing it as often as I remember seeing Rugby. I really enjoy it, I don't understand every rule or follow a club or anything like that, I just like watching the game. I won't get into a Rugby vs Football rant because it is boring and tedious and there's really no competition from those pansies.

I am feeling happy that I'm going to be able to watch a lot more in coming weeks. My only worry today was who to mentioned above, I don't particularly follow any team over the other. I am one of those people with heritage all over the British Isles. Mum is Scottish, Dad's Mum was English and his Dad was Irish. I've definitely inherited Irish looks, ironically from Mum. I've got the blue eyes, dark hair, freckles and skin that burns if someone mentions the sun.

Today's games were Ireland vs Wales and Scotland vs England. First was easy enough, I have no pull towards Wales. Sorry Wales, I like you, but not enough to give me any anguish. I'll support you against some of the others, promise. Second game, I wasn't sure who I was going to be rooting for. Eventually my mind was made up in that most English of ways. There were a lot more Scotland supporters than England, and you know I can't resist an underdog. Lucky for me, England won, woo! It wasn't gripping for the first half or so, but perked up later on and I definitely wasn't ready for it to be over when it happened.

I cheered up when we went to ChimiChangas for dinner. I'm not sure I'm going to be hungry again for about a week. After dinner, we all headed back to the flat and enjoyed some Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. I prefer the second one, live with it.


I didn't take my camera out with me...I was a little gunshy. When I got home I had a scout about for a picture and settled on the Army Men. They have populated strange areas of the house since Samantha moved in. They protect us in the kitchen, the bathroom, behind the tv, on top of the bookcase.

Last night there must have been a battle. I don't know what's a terrible sight. I just hope they died for a good cause and not for the amusement and frolics of others. 

Goodnight all,



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