Monday, 4 February 2013

Day 35 - My spot

4th February 2013

I wonder if any of the sharp eyes among you have noticed the brown almost corduroy appearing in a few pictures so far.

This is my spot.

I'm not quite as Sheldon as Sheldon about my spot, but it is so definitely my spot. I have got the cushions pretty much the way I want them, I can see the door to watch for intruders, I can see the tv and see most of the people in the room, with only a small turn required to see Samantha when she's in her spot.

I love this chair, I inherited it from my brother because there was no longer room in his house for it. I intend to never make such a grievous error when I eventually house hunt. It's called the cuddle chair, and is supposed to have enough room for two people having a little cuddle. I have no time for such nonsense, unless it's with the wife. The cuddle chair holds one, and that one is me.

What you see again is a state that makes me happy. I have my laptop, my cuddle chair, the remote and a cake. I'll admit, the cake isn't at its best...I'm not sure I've ever seen icing creep up like that over smarties. This may be a new and scary alien life form intent on taking over the planet, one sugar shell covered chocolate disc at a time. I think it's more likely that cakes like this have never existed around me for long enough for me to observe the phenomenon.

There is a possibility that it was something not of this planet. A little while after Lynsey went to bed this evening, while the Flood and I were still up chatting, we both received a message inquiring about the strange noises emanating from the living room. We ran with it and started making strangled gasping noises, the occasional scream and shouts of "NOO!" before settling on "MWAAAAARB" over and over again. These aliens apparently made humans consume their own spleen sautéed with onions and cumin.

We got better though.



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