Monday, 11 February 2013

Day 42 - My Marilyn

11th Feburary 2013

I had expected to have a lovely photo today, as until about 8:15 I thought I would be meeting two darlings, Bex and Kyle, for dinner or at least a coffee. However, I got into work and was reminded that we had a Twilight - INSET training after school. These are good in that we have a few of these over the course of the year and can end the year earlier. They do tend to sneak up on me though. I had rushed out of the flat with half my coat on and a scarf trailing behind me, only to realise I had forgotten my camera. I dashed back upstairs and grabbed it and hurried out again. Doh.

So, instead of coffee with lovelies, I came home and went almost straight back out again to get some food shopping, and components of the meal I'm making tomorrow - it's my turn to host.

Samantha and I headed out to Asda and, as ever, could not resist a quick look through the sale rack. Here I found first the dress, the dotty bit, then was directed to the jumper. I love the jumper.

I have two theories as to why I'm so enamoured with it. The first is that I like green and excitement. The second is that it reminds me of a jumper my mum used to have. It was almost this exact shade, and it feels identical to my memory, the weight of it is the same, only difference is Mum's had Marilyn Monroe on it (I think...siblings or parents, feel free to correct). I love the feeling thinking about that jumper gives reminds me of being a wee little girly and having cuddles with mama, being carried places. My brain thinks I remember Mum having a perm with it, but I'm almost certain that's just something I think because I've seen pictures of her in such a state.

Hopefully when wearing this jumper I will be able to channel such feelings once more, because they're nice.....excuse me, I have to go fight the urge to make myself a cup of hot milk and beg for just one more hug from someone.


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