Monday, 25 February 2013

Day 55 - Home

24th February 2013

Another earlyish start, due in main to my intense hatred of being at all late for anything ever.

As we arrived I saw that my queuing standards were not being adhered to. I was in fact able to just hang out next to the coach until it was time to board. A long, tight hug with Nich later, I boarded. Happy to be able to have my ideal seat once more, but unhappy at leaving the wife behind, especially in a place that now left me worried for her safety.

Settling myself in the knowledge that she would be back in the next couple of weeks, just down the road and for good this time (although with this so called "boyfriend". Pfft. Sanctity of marriage mon derrière.) I plugged myself into my iPod and, once again, fell asleep.

An unexciting trip later, we were at Calais having our passports checked. Once more, the difference between english queuing and the rest of the world made itself apparent. In the French border control there were three desks and an empty space, where a wild straggling queue of coach passengers arranged themselves. Next door, mere metres away, in the British border control I was delighted to see barriers set up to allow us to form in an orderly fashion. I was nearly home.

A further unexciting ferry trip later, one more standard coach trip and an unnecessarily long tube trip (district line closed, SHOCK) I was home. I clattered my way upstairs and into the flat, to find a note on my door informing me that I would find the kitchen interesting.

I entered, and found my lovely housemates had bought me flowers and a cake to cheer me up after my horrible ending to my trip. Aren't they lovely people?

Thank you girlies, it means the world.


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