Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Day 44 - You can't fill a hat with maybes

13th February 2013

First things first...

Happy Birthday to my wonderful big brother, Stu! Here he is in the middle, with my sister and I, taking wonderful care of me then as he does now. I often make fun of his age as he is 10 years older than matter what age I am I'll never feel old cause Stu's always there being +10. I contemplated putting a highly embarrassing picture of d'Styu here, and believe me there are plenty to choose from, but decided to be a kind little sister this time. I'll have my chance later on this year I'm sure. I settled for a cute picture of us three siblings above, and a lovely one of him and his completely adorable and tiny and sweet and squishy and beautiful little daughter, Keira, below. Some say I'm biased as an Auntie, but I can't help it that my nephew and nieces are the most perfect beings ever created can I? I couldn't lie.

So yes, Happy Birthday big bro! I have Stu to thank for showing me how much fun photography can be, you should go and look at his pictures here. Seriously talented.

Without him, you may have never seen today's picture which I'm sure has changed your life.

Awhile ago whilst stumbling through the internet I found a link to a page of phrases that sound like clichés but aren't. Samantha and I fell in love with them and have been quoting them at each other every so often. Today they popped up again in conversation, so we looked them up and laughed all over again. The thing that amuses us most is saying them and pulling various faces at the same time to go with whatever inflection you are giving the phrase. We decided they needed to be put up somewhere, so shortly afterwards I found a pen and some paper and now these are up on my bedroom door for all to see.

After standing in front of my room for another forty minutes or so, still discussing the phrases, we started making up our own which is just as, if not more, amusing. You should do it. It will enrich your life. If there's one thing I enjoy, it's enriching lives.

I am off to sleep now. I have only two more get ups before half term, and I absolutely can't wait. It's time now.


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