Saturday, 2 February 2013

Day 32 - Defrost our freezer

Photo 32 - 1st February

1st February 2013

Today, we had a party. That wasn't always our plan. 

Our freezer is on overdrive and has been for awhile; it needs defrosting in a massive way. I had a peer in the other day and I think I saw pork chops that had been taken by the ice gods. Sad eh?

As defrosting was a necessity now that innocent chops were being cut down just after their prime, we decided to do just that. But our freezer is full of food. Shockingly. The original plan was born - we would get some friends to come over for an evening, put on some films, ply them with alcohol, and hope they'd eat all our peas. 
Somehow, and I'm fairly fuzzy on the details, this morphed into a 'Disguises Party'. Before long the freezer defrosting plan had gone out of the window and we were just having a party and dressing up for the occasion. I enjoy dressing up, I enjoy friends, I was certain Just Dance would make an appearance. Excellent.

Here we have the closest we could get to a photo of the three of us in costume. Lynsey, on the left, is a ringmaster/mistress. I am, unsurprisingly to some, Supergirl. Yes, I know I have dark hair and Supergirl doesn't, but I decided that I was Linda Lee mid-disguise change. The really important part of this picture is HELLO, HAVE YOU SEEN THE MILK?! Isn't it awesome? Samantha really gives it some when she makes a costume. It's even got a 'Missing' blurb on the side. I played my part here, I gave her and it a lift home on Monday and sawed away some armholes, which I know is pretty much the cornerstone of the whole thing, but try and throw some praise Samantha's way.

We decided to make Jelly Shots. These were intended to look like some extra super sweet little cupcakes we saw online, but the only small cupcake holders we could find were the paper kind that maintained absolutely no structural integrity once jellied. We put beautiful peaks of whipped cream on top, but Miss Flood was too excitable and demanded we put it on early, so it melted. They don't look good, but they really really are. They have Raspberry Amaretto Jelly in them. Delicious.

Aren't these just too cute? Seeing these online was what prompted us to make the shots in the first place, and was the reason for all my lime hollowing on Thursday. They have the same flavour jelly as the "cupcakes" but with little bits of choc chips for the seeds. These were yummy too, but they did include a lot of flavours...lime, raspberry, amaretto and chocolate. I enjoyed them, and that's really all that matters. We also made some vodka lime jelly shots, but they disappeared before I could take a photo.

As you will have spotted from today's 'official' photo for the day, we had sparklers. The ones of us left at the bitter end headed outside to sparkle, and managed to attract a fair amount of attention in doing so. What with the milk, ring master, supergirl, wally man (who you can just about make out in the back), and Charlie Chaplin below. We had a little wander up the road in the milk carton, Chris was inside this time. He had someone ask if he had milk (natch) and on the way back someone said something to us from their car. She was smiling and it seemed like a positive thing, but none of us really heard her so we may have ruined her night. I hope not.

How beaten down by life is Chris? Not even a sparkler can ignite a flicker of joy in those eyes. I'm not sure what's going on in Samantha's eye line, but I like that it will always be a mystery. Also, hilarious. I mean...look! Love it.

Tonight was fun. I now want to find a reason to wear my Supergirl outfit out somewhere. What you can't see is that it also had a cape. I had to sew it on as it was velcro and looked pants, but after my modifications it looked actually pretty damn sweet. I also got some lovely little boots before I realised that my wellies are red and would have served perfectly well. It's alright, the shoes are pretty and I am Pulling. Them. Off.



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