Thursday, 31 January 2013

Day 31 - Limey

31st January 2013

So, as the first month of photo-ing draws to a close I am preparing for another party. Yes I am that rock and/or roll.

It is no New Year's Eve, but it may turn out incredibly similar. The people who have said they are going to come is embarassingly small and chances are at some point tomorrow the Just Dance will make an appearance. I'm looking forward to it, always relish the opportunity to bust out some 'Let's go to the mall!'.

Samanatha and I headed to Asda this evening for some supplies, as we had decided we wanted cocktails and jellies to be involved. The cocktails are going to be beautiful, wonderful things, and I have high hopes for the jellies. They have Amaretto in them, and those of you acquainted with me will know that I'm having a bit of a love affair with that particular substance of late.

So we headed to the shops, and now we are the proud owners of 14 wine glasses. Previously we were the owners of three completely different sized glasses. This is annoying when sharing wine. Now the fights can cease (no refunds). We bought exciting things other than wine glasses, though there came a point when I thought I might have to put blinkers on my co-shopper. I was hearing squeals of excitement far too regularly and keeping her on track was harder than doing the same for the trolley.

We made it out and back to the flat alive, and I promptly started hulling limes. Is hulling the right word? I made the insides be outsides. They're now in a bowl in the fridge and I'm not sure for what, but there is definitely going to be some practical use for the innards of 6 limes.

If these turn out as pretty as I hope they will there is every chance you'll see a photo tomorrow. There is still a Friday's worth of work to get through before then. Bedtime I think.

Goodnight all,


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