Sunday, 6 January 2013

Day 6 - Twelfth Night


January 6th 2013

Doesn't the spelling of twelfth look wrong? I don't trust that it's right. I've checked and it appears to be right, but I'm really not feeling comfortable with it. 

So it's Twelfth Night, Christmas tree is coming down and I go back to work tomorrow. I'm sure that in everyone's homes there are elements of decoration that stay up year round. In the flat we have a glittery reindeer that has been on the table in the front room since I moved in. It blended in so well, it wasn't until Nich returned and pointed it out that I noticed. Things accumulated on it, first it was a little monkey, then the monkey got a sombrero, and now I think he has a goldfish in his mouth. I'm not sure it's still there at Pogles, but we used to have a star in the porch window that Dad would say he was going to take down pretty much every day. I think he'd get round to it in September time. 

I miss being at Pogles at Christmas time. I had a good long time there this year, but not enough in my opinion. That house is made for Christmas. About 3 years ago Mum and Dad bought a tree that didn't fit in our front room, so it had to go in the hall and up the stairs. They did this without any offspring egging them on, which is brilliant. It's now how we have the tree, and I love it. I can see it when I come out of my room, and (hoping I don't sound too Lewellyn-Bowen) it brings Christmas through the house. We still have decorations that Stu, Jen (siblings) and I made in primary school. I think this is impressive even for my decorations, but my brother is ten years older than me. Old man. Love you d-Stu! Only thing I miss having the tree in the middle of the house is seeing it from the road, which is one of my favourite things about Christmas. When I grow up I want a house with a round bay window where I can put the tree so everyone can see it. And it will have a whole mess of decorations on it. All the colours of the rainbow, 6 inch pieces of straggly tinsel and baubles held on by twist ties. The way it's supposed to be. 

Bubye Christmas, when I see you again it will be far too soon I'm sure! 



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