Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Day 28 - Egg

28th January 2013

After an incredibly long, incredibly tiring day, I was ready to sit in bed and relax. Unfortunately for me, I was out of all food and so tonight had to be the food shop. We've taken to going later at night to Asda these days, it's quieter and just nicer. No big queues. I sent the message round to see which of the housemates were in, and received the reply from Lynsey that she was oot. 

Samantha had something to get home from work which might have been ruined by the rain, so I drove to Notting Hill to pick her and her cargo up. Annoyingly, there was a diversion as Shepherd's Bush Green is closed for gas works. More annoyingly, as I reached the end of the diversion I realised I could have continued on my intended route without any disruption. Grumble. 

The cargo was collected and we shopped. As a result of our tendency to split up while we shop we now have two bags of huge marshmallows and three jars of fudge hot chocolate. We got other real food, but the fun stuff is the most exciting. Though Ms. Flood's treat for one she gets in from shopping (you know we all have one, usually chocolate for me) is sprouts. Seriously. She's an alien, not even grown ups do that. 

Mine was a weird egg thing clearly brought out for Easter. There's a little spoon to eat the inside. Delicious. I'm sure there will be plenty more appearing soon and I intend to eat them all.


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