Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Day 8 - Hot Chocolate

January 8th 2013

I know you will all have expected me to do Tea (yes, with a capital, it's that important) before I got to hot chocolate. I like to subvert the norm from time to time.

Plus, yesterday I bought Fudge hot chocolate and mahoosive marshmallows and couldn't wait to crack into those babies. Not to mention Nich arrives later this evening, and I know that after that point I'm going to be an ugly bag of mostly tea.

I spotted these marshmallows in Asda a month or two ago. Now it's been taken over by Walmart there are various products available from across the pond. There's a small section in the confectionary aisle with bags of these beauties, various forms of Hershey's chocolate (groo), tootsie pops and some other things I forgot. There are also weird flavours of Pop Tarts. Now I enjoy a Pop Tart from time to time, but apple, no. They are mostly a way for me to make chocolate happen to my face.

The side of the bag of these lovelies has instructions for toasting, and clearly by the size they're not designed for hot chocolate, but man alive do they suit it. In previous attempts I've chopped it up but today we decided to just drop them in whole. It was at this point that I thought I would take my 8th photo, and what a massive stroke of genius it was on my part. Due to my faffing, they stewed a bit longer and threw up that delicious foam you can see on the side, drool. By the time we got to partaking of this glory the underside had all but melted and had to be eaten with a spoon. It was absolutely wonderful, go out and buy these and do this now because your life will be happier. The hot chocolate itself was good but, I'll be honest, it was mainly a conduit for marshmallows.

I think it's about time I boiled a kettle ready for the wife's arrival and my first of many cups of tea during her visit. Eeep!




  1. I feel I should have been treated to this hot chocolate of which you speak...

  2. You shall! I felt tea was a more necessary immediate need.


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