Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Day 1 - Charades

Here is the photo from January 1st 2013.

There was a bit of pressure for the first day not to forget and end up with a picture of my bedroom wall, or my toes or something. I'm certain that you'll experience the joy of each of these before the year, or probably month, is out. Fortunately, I think I found something slightly more interesting.

Since I moved to London in 2010 I've spent New Year in my lovely little flat. There's been an ever changing cast present, not to mention an ever changing mood. The first time, three of my darling Medway-ites came to see me. I remember being really excited about the chance to be silly with them. The universe decided to give me a horrible cold though, and I ended up in bed early, having toasted the New Year with a lemsip. The next year was a much bigger affair, more like an actual party, and I had a lot of fun. This year ended up being very quiet indeed, about 10 of us in total. It was a strange mood, I for one was trying my hardest to forget that 2012 had happened. My darling Nichola (who will feature heavily in this blog I fear) was there but had an early morning eurostar to catch back to Paris the next day, and I hadn't quite had my fill yet.

It being such a small gathering, we played a lot of games. The night started with Hungry Hippos, had a false start with Buckaroo after we remembered it was broken, found its footing once again with Absolute Balderdash, got into its stride with Taboo, looked back with confidence with Charades, and reached a triumphant finish with Just Dance.

Names were drawn for the Charades teams, and then we set about finding notebooks to shred to write challenges on for the opposing team. There was horror in the camp when the 'Notes' section of a book was torn out ("I'll just write notes in another notebook!") so I stepped up my search and found a diary I had bought with excellent intentions and forgotten about.

These three were some of my challenges, I found them in my jeans pocket later on. Cinema Paradiso was guessed almost instantly, which speaks more to the film knowledge of my teammates than anything else. Measure for Measure, my favourite Shakespeare play, was a little more difficult, but we got there. A moveable feast. A moveable feast. It took longer than it should have done to get them to get feast, but moveable?? Come ON! As I started to try and break it down into syllables and then words that those sound like them, I ran out of time. It still rankles.

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