Sunday, 20 January 2013

Day 20 - Ralph

January 20th 2013

I know I said I'd try not to do any snowy pictures, but come on. Seriously. Now you've learnt the cold, harsh truth about me. Sometimes I take snowy pictures.

Yesterday I thought about going for a walk in central, but upon checking the tubes this morning and seeing all the closures I decided the universe did not want me to go venture too far today. I had almost resolved to have another relaxing day on the sofa, then I, the child in me would hate me for not going out in the snow at all. So I sent the following text to Lynsey and Samantha.

"Right, girls, we need to make a snowman. It's now or never. Get up, in comfy clothes, we'll heat up with something warming and eat some toast. Then we'll wrap up, go to the common, snowman all over the place, come back via a coffee shop for something else warming and pick up some loo roll. We return to the house, cook something from the freezer and settles down in the front room for sex and the city. Aaannnnnndd BREAK!"

I waited about 30 seconds, then got up and shouted "Check your phones!" Samantha appeared and said she was in. I then banged on Lynsey's door and was promptly reminded that she was out. Oh. We hot chocolated and toasted up, wrapped up, and headed out. Samantha promptly threw a snowball at me and realised she'd forgotten her scarf, so we I waited outside for her I was ambushed by Lynsey, who I decided had to pay and soon. She went upstairs to dump some stuff and we lay in wait. After a short but amusing snowball fight we headed to the common and started our snowman, and were soon joined by Tom who obviously initiated a further snowball confrontation.

With his help, we built Ralph. He was brilliant, he was tall, he was ginger. We wanted him to have a pipe but there wasn't a stick shaped like that. We left him, happy, and headed off to a coffee shop. As we explored some further snow men (and a snow cat) we turned around to see Ralph, only to discover he had been destroyed already. What a sad day. He was so young and beautiful.

Our coffee was yummy, our walk back was snowy and now we are watching Sex and the City in pyjamas. All in all, good day. Keep those fingers crossed for a snow day people!


Obligatory myspace photo
This is apparently my photo pose.
Ralph and his happy not-so-nuclear family

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