Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Day 16 - Gingerbread

16th January 2013

Today I made gingerbread. Ha, as if I made gingerbread. No, what I did was roll out some ready made gingerbread and put it in the oven. I saw it in Sainsbury's recently and picked it up cause I love me some gingerbread I do. I also thought, ooh, decorating is fun.

So I got the gingerbread out to leave it for 20 minutes before using. Naturally, after barely 10 minutes I started rolling it out. My gingerbread took the shape of a teddy for the most part, the only cutter we had in the house and they look pretty sweet. I couldn't resist making a camera for today's photo, I managed to cut out most of the little 'CS' in the bottom right, but it was a lot of fun to decorate. It wasn't till I held it for the photo that I realised I was subjecting my hand to mess. I also did a little treble clef but it doesn't look quite so cool...tasty though. There was also a whale for Samantha because she suggested it and I decided I had to make it happen.

Originally, I had planned to make two different colours of icing and give the whole two coloured icing thing a whirl (ah ha ah ha, did that just happen? Jape of the century.) but I underestimated the viscosity of said icing and when I squeezed it out over the test bear he was soon covered in a terrifying red and blue mess and he looked like he'd been whacked.

I resorted in the end to dipping a knife in gel food colouring and drawing on some details. It was fun and messy. The best kind.

Fun fact: the photo is true to life in that I, like my brother (Stuart Murphy FYI), hold the viewfinder to my left eye. We have discussed this and decided that we were mirroring Dad when he took photos. Remember that, it'll be in the test.

To keep you informed of previous culinary adventures - the Macarons were brilliant the next day. The 'mousse' was bad. So bad. Groo.



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