Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Day 15 - Mama and Papa meetup

January 15th 2013

Today was a mental day. All sorts of stressful stuff went down (yes, I'm cool enough to say that, I checked) so by the end of it all I wanted to do was see my wonderful parents and chill out with them for awhile.

Mama came and met me at school. She actually came in, so I had a very bizarre clashing of worlds moment when I came out of the loo and saw her walking towards me down the corridor. She saw the corridor, chatted to a couple of my colleagues, then we wended our way to Westfield. Aside - when writing wended I thought it sounded wrong and should be went and then thought hey wait! Is it? Is that why the word went is went? Have I just experienced one of those rare moments in life when you realise something really big, like never being a contraction of not ever?

Back to the real world Stephanie. Mama and I had a wander round Westfield and headed to our usual rendezvous spot outside the Apple Store where we met my lovely Papa. We popped into the store so Dad could peruse some cases for his new phone before deciding he wasn't quite ready for that just yet. It's always really bizarre going in somewhere you previously worked, more so with a shop. A huge amount has changed since I was there, but I hugely enjoy dropping in from time to time to see how many people I still recognise and to pop up out of nowhere in front of them to demand a hug and/or attention. It always makes me feel super loved going in there - thanks guys!

After a further wander round the shops we headed to Carluccio's for dinner. Yum. I enjoyed this. Dinner over far too soon I squeezed my life givers and headed back to Ealing and they to Kent.

I had intended to bring my camera with me and get a picture of them. I think you might be able to guess what the outcome was by that sentence and the picture today. What we have instead is a shirt that Dad bought before Christmas and I admired. It didn't fit properly so now it's pyjamas for Stephie tonight, yes! Also my lovely iPod which I love and is lovely. I have Papa to thank for introducing me to Apple, and I think therefore some of the best friends and colleagues a girl could hope for. Thanks Papa! Finally, favourite duvet cover. Didn't peg me for a pink girl eh? You're right. But this is pretty, and I often flip it over to the yellow side, so it's ok.



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  1. An enjoyable read, as always, thank you! Xx


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