Saturday, 19 January 2013

Day 19 - Duvet Day

19th January 2013

Today has been completely unproductive. Brilliant.

Yesterday I entertained thoughts of going for a walk and enjoying the snow, but I decided that actually it's really rather cold and I don't want to do that. I moved my duvet into the front room, made myself some tea and some toast and settled down for some dvd watching.

First on the list was the final disc of Season 1 of Community. It's brilliant. My lovely sister Jen and family got it for me Christmas after some exceptional undercover work on her part - "Have you ever watched Community?" "No, but I really want to, everyone keeps telling me I'll love it" Boom. Excellent stuff Jen. After finishing I was straight online to see how much season 2 is, but it's still slightly too much, especially pre pay day.

After this what I really fancied watching was When Harry Met Sally. When Nich was back last week she brought back almost all of her dvds. Almost all. Yesterday, during a 2 hour 45 minute Skype hang out (literally, we sat and drank wine and did our own thing but just happened to be on Skype) she showed me that that was one of the few dvds she had held back for herself. Selfishness, that's what it is. Selfishness.

So, thus thwarted, I settled on restarting Sex and the City. Nich and I had watched the first episode last week on one of the two evenings we had in the flat, so it seemed only right to continue that series. I finished season 1 and half of season 2. It made me want cocktails in martini glasses and think that the clothes they were wearing were making me feel cold.

My kindle made an appearance today as well, current read is Jon Richardson It's Not Me, It's You! I'm enjoying it. Loving the kindle, only problem is that I now have far too many books I want to read and no patience. First World Problem eh?

Last night, via Twitter, I discovered that Shappi Khorsandi lived in my building as a young person. Her dad, Hadi Khorsandi, ran his satirical magazine from here. You should go and read about him now, he's an incredibly interesting person. I've just had Have I Got News For You on in the background, and having read about everything that happened to their family as a result of his satire on Iran makes me view it in a whole different "counting my blessings" sort of light. This, I suppose, could have been counted as a productive/worthwhile part of my day. Maybe I failed myself a bit.

It's been a good day. This sofa is where I spent it almost entirely, displaying my preferred yellow side or the duvet. I am pretty content when I have said duvet, laptop and something on tv - particularly something I know fairly well. The days I have spent on that sofa watching How I Met Your Mother...happy memories. My only quibble is that I had to get up to make my tea and toast. This was rectified soon after Lynsey returned home and made me a sausage sandwich, yay!

Maybe tomorrow I will go for a wander. I had plans with a Medwayite, Gemma, but there is snow forecast for tomorrow that is likely to scupper those plans. We decided to pre-scupper them so that we'd have the upper hand on the weather, but I'm fancying a walk and a coffee and a read, and maybe a use of my beautiful Christmas present bag! That's enough to make up my mind for me. Done. Wonder where I'll go...intriguing.

G'night all,



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