Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 30 - Life of Pi

30th January 2013

Today, Samantha and I took advantage of Orange Wednesdays to go and see Life of Pi. No, not a documentary on Ruthie (ho ho, lil family in-joke there), the book of the film. In 3D no less. If you don't know the story then I guess a "spoiler alert" should be inserted here.

Now I loved the book. I'd got it for a birthday years before I read it, but when I did I adored it. As is usual whenever a film adaptation of a book I enjoy comes out, I approached with some trepidation. Would they make it awful? Harry Potter is a set of books I love and adore and the films trashed it. I also loved the Narnia Chronicles and loved the films because they completely put my imagination up on screen. Which way would this go? Hmm.

Well, I'm not sure. Not because of any feelings towards the film itself, but because I wasn't looking at a lot of it. You see, I'd forgotten quite how much of the story is set on the sea. Yeah yeah, I know, but you do. I also forgot all the mentions of sharks. Problem here is that I have kind of a thing about the sea and sharks.

I know the idea of open water and sharks doesn't really appeal to most people. I just really really hate it. I'm not sure where my fear of these things came from, because I've never seen Jaws. But I really seriously can freak out if the situations are right. I don't go in the sea above my knees because something can definitely swim in that gap and take me down. Watching things on tv which include sharks makes my legs tingle and I have to sit on them.

Watching this film, seeing him dangle his legs in the water, sitting on the raft on it...especially diving into it...was sending me nuts. I was flinching constantly, my legs felt like jelly because I couldn't cross them underneath me. I was entirely uncomfortable the whole time he was on the water, my eyes were screwed shut trying to pretend I wasn't there the majority of the time....the glasses made it all the more difficult because I couldn't just hold my face in my hands.

I'm pretty sure it was a brilliant film. I'm certain you'd enjoy that if you have a healthy relationship with the sea. Just sent me into a mini meltdown.

So that was the film. After that I decided I needed Sacred, to ease my suffering. Sacred is a coffee shop in Westfield that I used to frequent when I worked in the centre. The first time I had a vanilla latte (my drink of choice) from there I had a sip in a rush then stopped still and looked at the cup in awe. It's amazing. Now that I don't pass a coffee shop on the way to or from work I will allow myself one when I do, and I hate passing Sacred without getting my drink on.

Being late I got a decaf version. Samantha got a hot chocolate. That's just how we roll. As we collected her drinks I said "I think I might take a picture of Vue for my photo today". I walked away from the counter to find a spot to take a picture...turned back and she was still there. I returned and she said "Do I stay here?" Slightly bewildered, I said no and walked back to a table I was going to put my things. We got there and she said "shall I sit down?" Again, I was confused and said "....if you want?" and turned and started to take a picture of the Vue sign, only to hear her behind me say "Oh, I've just realised something hilarious." Turns out the whole time she was under the impression I'd said "I think I might take a picture of you for my photo today" and was there feeling all flattered and just as confused by my behaviour as I was hers. She is maintaining I was giving her mixed signals.

After coming close to wetting myself, I said she should go up on the balcony so I could include the two - and this is a photo of her walking towards the escalator. The photos with the Vue sign weren't so good. Waste of a walk all that way Ms. Flood. I enjoyed it though, I was still cackling away to myself, and looking like a mentalist is always great fun.

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