Sunday, 13 January 2013

Day 12 - Nich's drinks


12th January 2013

As you know, Nich is visiting for a week. Nich has been greatly in demand this week, and so to see as many as possible we all descended on the Montague Pyke for some drinks yesterday. It was awesome. We got food, mine had to arrive a million years after all the others because that's life that is. As is always the way with the best gatherings it carried on much longer than anticipated. Nich and Ben had to go to Clapham for an engagement party but insisted that we come along later and join them, as it was only in a bar. So we did. Jumped on a tube and a train and got to the bar to find it was full.

We went next door. It was again awesome. Two friends I'd had for a little while, two I'd met either that night or recently, and Nich and Ben appearing after awhile because I am just irresistible. We did some dancing, we did some bonding with ladies in the toilet, I opened a toilet door on my face and I'm not ready to stop talking about how much my lip hurts. It's quite a lot. Sympathy please. 

After our unexpected night out, we had to get the bus to Kingston to then get a further bus home. We made it as far as Kingston and then decided we were too tired and hungry to spend another hour on a night bus, so we splashed on a taxi. Best idea ever. We arrived home, prepared some bedtime toast and retired to bed.

Yay for last night, yay for afternoon drinks, and yay for Nich for being popular. Kudos.



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