Monday, 14 January 2013

Day 14 - Film and chinese

14th January 2013

So today is the last evening before Nich goes home, and I've just said goodnight and goodbye to her as she's likely to leave before I'm up tomorrow. Sob.

To mark this last night we got chinese. This is almost 'our meal' the way other couples (yes, we count as a couple) have 'our song'. I think our song is Let's Go To The Mall. On more occasions than I like to think about we have ordered chinese and sat down in front of a film. There was once a period of about 10 days where we got it 5 times. How awful is that? In our defence, it was around Christmas. We got into this weird kind of zone where we'd look at each other and know the other way thinking it and that we concurred and would be ordering it, almost without discussion. Beautiful times. We celebrated an unChristmas this way once. With an identical order, wine, and King and I and Sound of Music.

We had thought we'd watch another musical this evening, but we ended up spending most of it in the other typical fashion - trying to decide on a film and looking through dvds for hours before deciding. So very much of our life before Nichola left was spent staring at the bookcase full of her dvds, or scrolling up and down the hard drive to try and find something we wanted to watch. This seemed such a typical Nich moment I decided it had to be today's photo. That's not to say there aren't other photos I would dearly love to display here, but I think it might end in divorce. They are hilarious and, in my opinion, encapsulate her personality to a fault. Maybe I'll keep them as leverage?

It has been an amazing visit, and I have just booked some mega cheap megabus tickets to Paris during half term to go and see her! So excited! I'm gonna spend a lot of time on a coach, but I'm good at sleeping on public transport so it will be worth it. Five weeks to go and be near my beautiful cake again. And Nich.




  1. SO glad this is the pic you went with and any others taken that evening may be DESTROYED! Five weeks is nothing!!!! Can't WAIT!

  2. Oh no no, they will not be destroyed. Kept. Forever. You never know.


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